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Found 3 results

  1. Sat sri akal My name is harpreet singh. I have been experiencing a complex problem. My problem started in 2009 when i was in second year of graduation. The capability of my brain got reduced drastically. I couldn't analyze fast, memory problem, recalling problem etc. etc. Initially i couldn't understand if it is any problem though i was facing symptoms. I thought i don't want to do this particular graduation so my mind behaving like this. I failed miserably. Otherwise i was among the toppers in school & was a bright student. After graduation i started prepaeing dor competitive exams to enter bureaucracy. I hoped of not facing problems. Surprisingly i was facing same problem even then.. i realised it was some medical problem. I went to doctors. A psychiatrist sais it was some form of depression though my symptoms was different. As doctor was from a reputed hospital so i believed him but even after having different types of medicine for a year there was no improvement in symptoms. so i left as it was wrongly diagnosed. After a year i started showering my head daily with cold water even in winters in 2014. Surprisingly my problem got reduced by 50%. but no improvement further. This year i realised when i untie my turban for 4-5 hrs there is reduction in symptoms. But when i tie again symptoms comes back. More intense symptoms with pagg or dumalla. So i tie simple keski still symptoms are there. i have been experiencing this since january this year that when i untie dastar for atleast 3-4 hrs then i feel normal. I can study well... But with dastar same symptoms. Actually i m from non sikh family & staryed tying turban in 2009 itself. My problem started after 1.5-2 months od dastar tying. By going through all these experiences i have feeling that i face problem when i tie dastar even 2 of meters. When i keep my kesh open then no problem. I also checked with a doctor recently telling him this. He saus there can be 2 reasons. Either some nerve get pressed or there is some temperature difference between head & body. This problem has destroyed my career. What should i do now ? I have 2 options now. One is continue with this problem for life long. But i might go in depression later on bcoz of not having career or skills. Other option is stop tying turban & cut hair so that i can relieved from this problem & set up career
  2. solutions to Sikh youth who have bin turned off by gurdwaras attacking the drug abuse amongst Sikhs in india and the west this gangster wannabe culture some Punjabi youth pick up on were they try hard to be black gangsters Sikh girls being vulnerable to muslims cause the parents don't know how to raise strong confident daughters with strong morals
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