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Found 6 results

  1. Prab Milne Ka Chao Loving Longing To Be One With The Creator By Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala Question 1: What was the state of the Sach-khand (Realm of Truth) before the Universe came into existence & how was the Universe created? Answer 1: Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives a detailed account of the creation of the Universe in Japuji Sahib: SACH KHAND WASAI NIRANKAAR KAR KAR WEKHAI NADAR NIHAL TITHAI KHAND MANDALWARBHAND JE KO KATHAI TA ANT NA ANT (JAP Page - 8) Before the universe came into manifestation, there was nothing except the all-pervading Truth. There was no form of any kind-su
  2. Waheguru 100 questions and answers with Bhai Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala
  3. Waheguru Ji The charities name is Manukhta di sewa Sab ton waddi sewa Please see these videos, help and spread this good work
  4. Well Sikhs should aim to conquer trishna Trishna- desire (attachment also comes in it as we desire for our family and home) and it is main reason human go in birth of reincarnation Like reminds me of sakhi When Guru g gone to hut of vairaagi sadhu Guru ji sat on manjhi The disciple of main sadhu madho das vairaagi informed vairaagi that Some weird clothes people have conquered our dera and one person mukh is so bright that u can't even look at him he is sitting on ur manjbi Madho das used ridhi of 4 peer but manjhi didn't move Madho das was amazed he
  5. I will post more as demand comes. Someone can also do sewa of translating if they want.
  6. I have been looking for this video forever to share with anyone who does simran. Bhia Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala answers so many hard question we have on how to do simran,how we came into this life,what is Waheguru,how to we meet him, what is maya, how to open dasam dwar and what jugtis to use. Bhai Sahib shares this knowledge from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji This is a must for anyone on spiritual path. It is over 4 hours long, you can click on the youtube channel to find this same video cut into smaller parts.
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