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Found 2 results

  1. Why we are called Sikhs? Sikh name to Sikh religion which Guru Ji gave. I am Sikh since generations. I am proud of being a Sikh. Sikhism is the best modern and progressive religion. Non Sikhs ask me and I want answers for the following questions. 1. Which Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 2. In which year Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 3. At which place Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 4. In which place and year Guru Ji declared that my religion name is “Sikh” 5. In which place and year which Guru Ji declared that my religion is a separate from others, and it is a separate Kaum also. If any Guru Ji made Sikhs a separate Kaum (nation) he must have written in SGGS. 6. Is our Sikh religion a religion or Kaum(nation) While answering please mention name of book and page, edition year etc. I tried very hard to find answers to these questions from old Janam Sakhis, Panth Prakash, Gur bilas, Suraj Prakash, Guru Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji and Dasam Granth also. But no where it is written about my questions. Please do not quote from Modern history books. Please help me.
  2. Sangat jee - Some anti-Gurmat (statements against Sikh principles) were made in the post below. They have been addressed below. Quote 3. Though Panj Pyaras were five males that day, the Gurdwara where I took it, has had a woman do this seva before. Further to this, the five addressed the women who took Amrit that day. They said there is absolutely NO limitations placed on women in Sikhi. They directly stated "Women who attain this level can just as easily be in the same place we are" Even better, they then made a direct challenge to the women present with this statement "We want to see at least some of you Singhnis who are here today, be in the same place we are and do seva as Panj Pyaras someday!" As if my day was not already awesome, THAT WAS ICING ON THE CAKE THAT MADE IT SPECTACULAR! Unquote Ask those people, what about disabled people? Why cannot they be in Panj Pyaray? Why the Hypocrisy? Ask them, who has given them the right, to change the maryada made by God? What about Transgenders and Homosexuals, as Panj Pyaray? They are human too. An Egalitarian is suppose to stand up for these people too. Quote 4. They also clarified some things: You do NOT have to be vegetarian. It's your choice if you are (I am) but if you choose to eat meat, it can not be killed the Muslim way. Unquote According to the so-called SRM, a Sikh may consume non-Halal meat. This would indicate that Sikhs can consume beef. Imagine the level of blasphemy in this. Sikhs, in the past, have sacrificed their lives for cow-protection, yet nothing is mentioned about beef in this so-called SRM document. This is another major flaw in the so-called SRM. A person, who truly believes in this so-called SRM, should not have any problem with consuming beef, otherwise he/she is being a hypocrite. Quote They also stated that piercings are not allowed because of the association to slavery in the past, Unquote Sikhism is a universal religion, and cannot be bound to history or time. There is a greater reason to why piercings are not allowed, rather than it just being associated with slavery. Most likely, body piercings were done in India, even before foreign powers started ruling India. Quote however all other jewelry is perfectly fine Unquote Sikhs should not wear any jewelry. This is mentioned in DDT RM. Quote Makeup is also not prohibited. Unquote Make-up is clearly prohibited by Satguru jee. This is also mentioned in DDT RM. Quote And besides, I had more control over his movements, than he did of mine, since I controlled the slack in the palla and could make him move slower or faster based on how much slack I let get in it. So when Singhs spout that lavans having the male in front is to denote the male's authority that she is supposed to be subject to... I laugh. I had control over his movements, he didn't have control over mine lol. To me it's more like a horse and chariot rider... where the male is the horse, pulling the chariot rider to the destination, but the chariot rider is the one who was in control LOL. Unquote The above is a bad example, from a Sikh and Egalitarian perspective. A person, who truly believes in equality, will never give this example. If one does, that he/she is a Hypocrite. This analogy proves that females should control men, illustrating inequality and is completely against Sikh way of thinking. Most of us know, what holding a palla means. The woman, holding the palla, signifies that she will follow her husband. Quote My husband suggested I should stop coming here... as certain mindsets will never change and it's so not worth it to stress over opinions of others. Unquote You are right. Sikh mindset (based on Sikhism) will never change, how hard outsiders try. Quote Meat they said its your choice but if you do eat meat it can not be ritualistically sacrificed and killed as Muslims do (and I guess Kosher too for same reason). Unquote The main sect of Sikhism, which allows meat eating, is Nihang Singh. They sacrifice the animal ritualistically too and a Sikh is only permitted to eat that. No other commercial meat, Halal/Kosher or otherwise, can be consumed by a Sikh. Jhatka maryada is not even mentioned in this so-called SRM document. Another major flaw. Quote They only referred to Sikh Rehet Maryada. And this is at a historical Gurdwara. Unquote Many historical Gurudwaras, especially in Punjab, are under SGPC control and the so-called SRM has been enforced there. If Nihangs or Nirmalay had control over Gurudwaras, then the RM would have been different. It all depends upon, who is in power. A heretic, like Dhunda has spoken at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib (historic temple). Does that make him right? Massa Ranghar (who consumed Alcohol and made prostitutes dance) had control over Golden temple. Does that make him right? Quote Interestingly they also said its prohibited to follow ANY sects (when they were mentioning sects which have been excommunicated like nirankaris etc). Unquote Sant Nirankari cult has been excommunicated from the Panth, not the Nirankari sect. DDT, Nanaksar, Nihangs Sewapanthis, etc, have never been excommunicated by the Panth. Sects were blessed by Satguru jee themselves. Tenth master gave a boon to Baba Kanahiya jee Maharaj (founder of Sewapanthi) that he will make a new sect. Panth is the tree and the sects are like the branches of it. If one says, that Satguru jee made a Panth, but no sects - it is similar to saying that God made the tree, but did not make it's branches, fruits, flowers, etc. Even if some fools get together and ex-communicate DDT or Nanaksar, Sikh religion (made by God) will still flourish. Quote They said follow SRM and SGGSJ only. So there... I am BOUND following SRM and no other RM as that's what Panj Pyaras specifically stated when I took Amrit!!! Unquote The so-called SRM has major flaws. Therefore, a person who completely agrees with all the points in that document, is not a Sikh. Panth's ultimate authority is Gurbani (which includes SSGGSJ, SDGSJ, etc) Bhul chul maaf
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