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Found 1 result

  1. Waheguru Ji Thought would be a good idea to compile a list of Gurmat Vidyalas for those who are looking into studying different aspects of Gurmat indepth and from authentic sources. The Vidyalas may specialize in different areas like Gurbani Santhya, Kirtan, Naam Simran, Gurmat Granths, Dhadi Vaaran, Shaster Vidiya and more... Sangat Ji, please contribute the information of any Vidyala you might know include as much information about the Vidyala so those Gurmukhs who are looking to study know what are there options. 1. This Vidyala is run by Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhawa Website: http://babaharisinghjirandhawa.com/ GURMAT VIDYALA, JATHA RANDHAWA CHANDIGARH ROAD, NEAR GURDWARA JYOTI SAROOP, DISTT. FATEHGARH SAHIB, PUNJAB (INDIA) MOBILE: 98158-35035, 98551-03132, 99149-36036 2. Taksal Bhai Mani Singh Ji-Dera Sant Amir Singh Ji Students learn Gurumukhi, Gurbani Path, Gurbani katha, Shabad Kirtan and Classical music (Instrumental)i.e. Harmonium, Tabla, Sarangi & Dadh along with traditional subjects they learn English language Website: http://bhaimanisingh.blogspot.com/p/gurmat-vidyala.html?m=1 Contact information Dera Sant Amir Singh Ji Bazar Satto Wala Katra Karam Singh AmritsarPunjab India-143001 Please, add to this list Sangat Ji.
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