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Sikhs in Iran


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Talk about Iran, Read the below story.

Will Justice Be Served?

S.Kultaran Singh, a Gursikh born in Iran and holder of Indian Passport No: A9122718 issued at Tehran on 22nd January 2003, was brutally killed on 7 August 2003. This killing has shaken the confidence of the small Sikh and Indian community resident in Iran since three generations and has created a sense of insecurity. The family of the deceased and Mrs.Damanpal Kaur Anand has sent several petitions to various authorities in India and also to the Embassy of India in Tehran (Iran).

The killer, who made a public confession and the entire Iranian media covered the story, will be tried in Tehran Criminal Court on 15 December 2004. But, unfortunately, the lawyers believe that since the deceased is a Gursikh (a non-Muslim) in an Islamic Republic, and the perpetrator of the crime is a Muslim it is questionable whether justice will be served, and at the most the family could claim and be awarded Diya Compensation up to Rupees ten lakh (around US$23,000). The killer should be given exemplary punishment.

Sikhs in Iran are a small business community of hundred plus families and if justice is denied it will put this small religious minority to further risk. The Sikh residents of Iran must be accorded reciprocal benefits enjoyed by Iranian citizens

Furthermore, Islam has also laid down universal fundamental rights for humanity which are to be observed and respected in all circumstances. Therefore Late S. Kultaran Singh by being born in Iran became a citizen of an Islamic state where he lived till his death and thus he should enjoy equal rights along with those who acquire Iranian citizenship by birth. The life, property, and honor of Sardar Kultaran Singh are to be respected and protected in exactly the same way as that of a Muslim citizen. Nor should there be difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim citizen with respect to civil or criminal law as prescribed in Islam and stated on the following link: http://www.jamaat.org/islam/HumanRightsPolitical.html

The entire Sikh Diaspora appeals to the highest authorities of India and Iran to intervene in this case and restore the confidence, future, and security of the Sikh community in Iran by seeking justice for the murder of Sardar Kultaran Singh.

Request from Mrs. Damanpal Kaur Anand

Sardar Kultaran Singh, my husband and an innocent Gursikh, was brutally stabbed to death on 7th August 2003 in Tehran (Iran) by Majid Jahanshahi (a local Muslim) who has confessed to his crime and is scheduled for trial in the criminal court for hearing on 15th December 2004 in Tehran (Iran).

The greatest challenge we face is that we are convinced, having been informed by our lawyer, that since the deceased is a Indian national and a Gursikh that is a non-Muslim in an Islamic Republic, and the perpetrator is a Muslim it is questionable whether justice will be served.

I have sent various petitions to the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Ministry of External Affairs of India in New Delhi, and Sardar Krishan Chander Singh the Indian ambassador in Iran seeking their support and intervention.

Furthermore I need the help of Gursikh scholars of the Sikh Diaspora to send me a draft petition that can be submitted to the highest religious authorities of Iran for intervention which should convince them that the Sikhs believe in One God and our Holy Guru Granth Sahib quotes and recognizes one Creator who is remembered by different people in different ways. Some know the creator as Allah. Guru Granth Sahib categorically states that all people have a common origin in the one Creator: aval allah Noor upaya kudarat kay subb bnanday..

The appeal could define solidarity of our Gurus with Muslims backed by historical evidences and our faith and beliefs accordingly which does not distinguish between human beings and seeks justice. An Islamic website http://www.jamaat.org/islam/HumanRightsPolitical.html states the following:

Fundamental Rights

Although an Islamic state may be set up anywhere on earth, Islam does not seek to restrict human rights or privileges to the boundaries of such a state. Islam has laid down universal fundamental rights for humanity, which are to be observed and respected in all circumstances. For example, human blood is sacred and may not be spilled without strong justification; it is not permissible to oppress women, children, old people, the sick or the wounded; women's honor and chastity must be respected; the hungry must be fed, the naked clothed and the wounded or diseased treated medically irrespective of whether they belong to the Islamic community or are from amongst its enemies. These, and other provisions have been laid down by Islam as fundamental rights for every man by virtue of his status as a human being.

Nor, in Islam, are the rights of citizenship confined to people born in a particular state. A Muslim ipso facto becomes the citizen of an Islamic state as soon as he sets foot on its territory with the intention of living there and thus enjoys equal rights along with those who acquire its citizenship by birth. And every Muslim is to be regarded as eligible for positions of the highest responsibility in an Islamic state without distinction of race, color or class.

Islam has also laid down certain rights for non-Muslims who may be living within the boundaries of an Islamic state and these rights necessarily form part of the Islamic constitution. In Islamic terminology, such non-Muslims are called dhimmis (the covenanted), implying that the Islamic state has entered into a covenant with them and guaranteed their protection. The life, property and honor of dhimmis is to be respected and protected in exactly the same way as that of a Muslim citizen. Nor is there difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim citizen in respect of civil or criminal law.

The Islamic state may not interfere with the personal rights of non-Muslims, who have full freedom of conscience and belief and are at liberty to perform their religious rites and ceremonies in their own way. Not only may they propagate their religion, they are even entitled to criticize Islam within the limits laid down by law and decency.

These rights are irrevocable. Non-Muslims cannot be deprived of them unless they renounce the covenant , which grants them citizenship. However much a non-Muslim state may oppress its Muslim citizens it is not permissible for an Islamic state to retaliate against its non-Muslim subjects; even if all the Muslims outside the boundaries of an Islamic state are massacred, that state may not unjustly shed the blood of a single non-Muslim citizen living within its boundaries.

Appeals for global support from Sikh leaders, Sikh institutions, Sikh scholars and Gursikhs at all levels are solicited to demonstrate solidarity of the global Sikh Diaspora to Ambassador Sardar Krishan Chander Singh, Embassy of India in Tehran (Iran). His contact information is: indemteh@dpimail.net (email), Telefax:+98-21-8755953

Looking forward to your support.

Mrs. Damanpal Kaur Anand (Wife) of Late S.Kultaran Singh

Address:- Darwazeh Daulat Ave Khaghani St. Alizadeh

Block 25. 1st floor

Tehran-Iran Phone No.: 8306265Fax: 8846894

E-mail: damananand@yahoo.com


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Give it a rest. Every country has things to be ashamed of. Don't forget how many Singhs were killed for no reason from the late 70s till mid 90s. I have personally met Singhs here in the UK who were severly tortured. Also, no MLA has been charged with inciting murder during the Delhi riots.

Javanmard has been banned, why do you keep going on about Iran?

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Matheen ji. Why am I going about IRAN? Because Iran is a big No=No=No.

I came to this forum and all of a sudden, I find javan mard giving wrong ideas about Iran to my bros and siss and saying Iran is better than paris and london.

Did you know that according to Iran.. if a woman is raped, she faces a death penality and the people who raped her can easily get away with the crime ! same in pakistan, if a woman is raped she has to bring 4 witness to testify her rape.

Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan.. are the big No-Go countries of the world and I cant believe that my brothers andsisters sitting in england and france are so naive that they cant judge by themselves.

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Guest shamsher

if a woman is raped, she faces a death penality and the people who raped her can easily get away with the crime !

ACTUALLY NOT! Rape is prohibited in Islam and rapist get punished with death. This is the Iranian law! The problem is many judges being machos blame the victim for some stupid excuse and the rapist goes free. This also happens in India. But there have been cases of men getting executed for rape! So stop inventing lies!

In fact is well known that India has produced a great number of movies where rape scenes are shown. When the victim gets accused of having seduced the rapists it is not rare to see the audiences in cinemas cheer!


Just type rape and Bollywood on google and the sickness of it is just apparent. To this date I have not seen a single Iranian movie where women are shown in such situations! Also rape in custody in Indian police stations is not rare, actually quite a habit!

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