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Life of women in Iraq---- Abuse---with documentary source.

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Kavita, there is nothing wrong with wearing a Hijab. The difference between the Rehat rules is that if a woman chooses not to wear a Dupatta she is not immediately hauled up before the Panj Pyare and punished. It's all about choice and unlike Islam, Sikhi has never been about enforcing a set of regulations on unwilling people. Such is not the case in Iran. Recently the religious aithorities have been stopping women on the street if they show even a few strands of hair through their hijab. It's all about personal freedom and the right to live ones life as one sees fit. Singho would never support someone born in a Muslim family the right to live their lives contary to the teachings of Islam. This is the difference between Sikhi and Islam.

As for crime, if you regulate the lives of people to an oppressive degree then you will get a docile population. We can make rules that on one is allowed out after 6pm and that would cut crime drastically but then would you be willing to give up your personal freedom and allow your lifestyle to be curtailed so that crime could be reduced? Iran is not the crime free utopia that some people make out. For one it has a massive drugs problem, according to studies 11 million people out of 65 million have a drug problem. That is 16.9% of the population. The Great Satan America has 15.9 million out of 310 million with a drug problem. That is about 5.2% of the population. So our crime free paradise of Iran has three times as many people in percentage terms with a drug problem than that beacon of western decadance that is the US of A!

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Veer Ji, my dad goes regularly to Iran to train surgeons in advanced brain surgery and we have many girls at our university who study medicine with me who are Iranian. The Zeynabis did intervene in April but now they have calmed down and are not to be seen anymore nea Park e Millat, Maidan e Vanak or Mir Damad. There most of the girls wear tight clothes and show a great deal of their hair and make up. They still wear a hijab but only half over the head. My dad went with his doctor friends to Darband and all you could see there were young unmarried couples walking hand in hand in the mountains. The revolutionary guards who are present there didn't do anything. The Zeynabis intervene when the extreme right wing of the regime is complaining about lack of morals. The regime gives them what they want for a week or two and life goes on as usual. My dad did tell me that drugs are a big problem in Iran because heroin is cheaper than beer and it is accessible because of the high number of Aghan refugees. Hence why drug dealers get executed.

Veer Ji I am not saying that it is a perfect country, all countries have problems but the picture you paint of it differs completely of the one my dad paints and the difference is: he goes there regularly and he speaks the languages. I tend to trust him more on this.

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Kavita Kaur ji, so you do admit that there Zeynabis who intervene when they complain about lack of morals, you do ado mit that there are elements in the Irani society which can be of riskh to young people and couples, and knowing this fact you still choose to side with Iran?

Do youknow in Iran your not allowed to wear your kirpan outside or do any kind of gurmat festivals openly.

Wome in Iran are made to wear hijab, because they think that the hair of the woman can seduce man !! so they want to cover up all the hair and only husband has the right to see the hair of his wife.

In gurmat amritdharis cover their head out of respect for God , Guru.. so its a totally different context ! its got nothing to do with sex or avoiding adultery.

Why does it has to happen all the time with the woman? all the rules and regulations have to be on the women and not on the men ! if shes raped shes to be blamed in Iran, if shes go out with a boy, shes to be blamed.. The man can roam around free... not good , not good.

Can you do me a favor, Just ask your dad how much of a sikhi parchaar can be done in Iran openly ??? is it the same like in US? Please ask him this.

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Dear Kavita Kaur Ji,

Please have a look at this picture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Badhijab.jpg

In this picture A young Iranian woman is warned by the police for bad hijab. In April 2007, thousands of woman were warned by the police about immodest dress.

Do you see anything wrong with her dress?

and also have a look at this photo :


If someone wants to follow a certain set of rules they can follow by themselves, but why are they forcing on others.

Your dad is a doctor. So he surely gets all the respect and admiration by the Iranian people, His opinion of Iran will usually be of a positive one. but i am talking about the common poor person who lives in Iran.

I can imagine a rich iranian women or men getting away with everything, but those who have no influence, what about them?

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