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Why do we label people who tell sakhi's and interpret Gurbani as sants or baba's this n' that.

My family is from Rara Sahib (near by pind ). I have been to Rara Sahib Gurdwara myself. And there is a special kind of a little house in the memory of Sant Isher Singh ji. People go in there to mettha teek, and are usually given parsahhad of fruits when they exit. Inside of the house there are many sandals, loads of pictures, that people bow down to. Why? What is that suppose to prove? And the sevadaars are always telling you to hurry up and exit. But I did saw this one sevadaar who just kept on pumping the water from the nalka.

Also, i seen videos of people in England placing there head , on Sant Isher Singh Ji feet. Why would they alow this? My elders told me it gets rid of you bad karams. ? But aren't we only allowed to bow to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

Who decides who is Sant? And there are so many deras of ?sants? in punjab it's crazy.

Also, what's up with the continuous linage of sants? People claiming i am from this and that dera, i belong to this jatha and or that jatha. People promoting their marayada over others. I dislike it when people say i am nahing or nanaksari etc. is that suppose to be your direct ticket to sachkhand.

Also, people might think i am crazy but i have a serious issue of bowing down to people, ( sants). Would this be considered sant ki nindya? If a sikh didn't bow to Sant( Isher Singh ji ---example), they would know that a sikhs head only belong to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. There are so many purtan sikhs that do not have the title sant attached to their name (Bhai Gurdas Ji).

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Gurbani makes clear who is a Sant and who is not. Sant Isher Singh Ji never asked anyone to Matha Tek them. Gurbani says "Jo Deesay Gursikhra, This Nivniv Laago Paai". I don't bow to every other person but when i know that the person is true Gursikh, I have no problem - even then it's not bowing to the physical body, but to the Gurbani within them. A Gursikh once told me it's ok to test a Sant - but do it only once. As such, you can find the real ones - there are only a few in the world though.

The "special kind of little house" you speak of houses the underground bhora that they spent all their life doing bhagti in. As Gurbani states, even the dust of the feet of true Gursikhs can change your karam.

If you take some time to read about the true Sants, you'll find that they state there is nothing higher than Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The difference between Sants and me is that they actually FOLLOW Guru Granth Sahib Ji and treat them as ever present.

I agree that people promoting their own Maryada over others is wrong - like the recent Sanjha Samagam in the UK showed, the heads of different Jathe have no problem with each other - it's the "hangers on" who cause problems.

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ive been there deep singh, that place wiv all the sandals and clothes etc. didnt know what to make of it. don tknow what the purpose of keeping it like that is.

another new one for me was a Nihang Singh wiv a trishool. never ever seen a Sikh wiv one.

Sorry for my ignorance Khalsa Ji, but what is a trishool?

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Yes, Sukhmani Sahib does clarify what a Sant is and who can identify a Sant and what truly constitutes "Sant ki Seva", however if one was to assess many who are today attributed the title Sant, including several popular personalities, the qualifications as set down by Sukhmani Sahib are far from being met.

Likewise, what Sukhmani Sahib regards as "Sant ki Seva" is different from what one evidences by most who undertake under this act.

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