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NRI Arrested on Dowry charge

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If this is true, then a huge, huge applause to the Bride and the Police.

It does seem odd that a a well off educated US family would stoop to this level, but anything is possible. I really do hope this wasn't a stitch up.

In any case, this is what needs to happen to money hungry daaj lovers, to make Punjab a respectable state again, as bringing an end to this out dated tradition will bring an end to kuri maar.

NRI groom, parents held for demanding dowry. Date: 11/02/2007

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News Source: http://www.tribuneindia.com

NRI groom Gurpreet Singh being arrested from Chahal Palace in Patiala on Friday.

—A Tribune photograph

Amitoz Kaur, a doctor, once again stood against the demand for dowry and refused to marry her NRI groom. Her bold step to refuse the demand for Rs 50 lakh, allegedly made by her greedy in-laws before the final ceremony of marriage that was to be solemnised today, landed the groom and his parents in jail.

Amitoz had contacted Gurpreet Singh, also a doctor in Philadelphia, USA, on Internet. Last year, they got engaged with the consent of their parents. Their marriage was fixed for today at Chahal Palace here. However, yesterday Gurbachan Singh Ganda, Amitoz's father, got a call from the groom's parents. The girl's father alleged that the groom's parents rang him up and asked about the plan of giving something on the ceremony of 'thaka'. Amitoz's father said, "They said the boy was earning Rs 1 crore per annum in the USA and made a demand for Rs 50 lakh before the marriage ceremony. I expressed my inability to arrange such a huge amount, but they kept on pressing for the amount."

"I discussed the matter with my wife and son. We tried all ends out and decided to give Rs 5.25 lakh in the 'thaka' ceremony."

Today morning the marriage party reached the venue. When the ceremonies were about to start, the groom's parents once again made a demand for Rs 50 lakh. They were told that the girl's father being a manager in Punjab and Sind Bank was unable to arrange the sum. However, they insisted on their demand.

"I informed my daughter who was getting ready for the function about the demand. She told me to put off the marriage and wanted that action should be taken against such greedy people," he said sobbing.

The guests thrashed the groom and his parents. The timely intervention of the police saved the situation.

The NRI groom and his parents were taken to the Sadar police station where a case under the Dowry Act was registered against them.

The groom and his parents refused to comment on the issue. They tried to stop lensmen trying to take their photos. All guests from the groom's family fled the venue. The marriage party had arrived at Patiala from Doraha in Ludhiana.

At the venue while there was a pall of gloom among the family members of Amitoz, the guests were busy enjoying eatables despite the unfortunate development.

Amitoz refused the come before mediapersons. Her father said she was too shocked to give any statements.

Police remand for NRI groom, parents

NRI groom Gurpreet Singh and his parents come out from the Patiala court on Saturday.

— Tribune photo by Rajesh Sachar

NRI groom Gurpreet Singh and his parents were remanded in police custody for one day by the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Patiala, here today. The accused were produced before the judge this morning. The prosecution alleged that the accused demanded a dowry of Rs 50 lakh from family of Amitoz with whom he was to marry yesterday.

The accused pleaded that they had been implicated in the case. They pleaded that they had not demanded any dowry. Gurpreet Singh and his family are settled in the USA since late seventies. It was their third visit to India.

The judge, however, remanded the accused in one day police custody.

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