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Think about two words people put together Breaking Amrit.

Some talk about "Taking Amrit" and "Breaking Amrit". Ask yourself, how can you take something that isn't yours? And how can you break something that is Eternal?

What does the word Amrit mean in Siri Guru Granth sahib Ji?


Here's what I understand. Bhai Gurdas Ji says that God is inside us like fire

is hidden inside the wood. When someone is blessed enough with the highest

state and realise God inside them, then God manifests in two spiritual forms - LIGHT and AMRIT.

That great and blessed soul experiences light brighter than all the suns and their body being internally drenched in the sweetest amrit. They experience the kundalini rising, the opening of the third-eye and the tenth gate, hearing the unstruck melody and tasting the One Eternal Drop of Amrit inside them.

That is called “Ek Boond Amrit”. When a great soul merges into the Eternal

Supreme Being they become eternal as well : a-mrit meaning “Without death”.

Only God is deathless, becoming one with God you drink the real internal amrit and become deathless. You are given this Amrit by God’s Grace, Gur Prasad.

You cannot take it, only God can give it to the ones who have pleased Him.


The Guru has blessed me with the one drop of Ambrosial Nectar, And so I have become stable, unmoving and immortal - I shall not die. SGGS



The second type of amrit is “Naam amrit”, this is what gets the soul to the

state of “Ek Boond Amrit”. If you think of “Ek Boond Amrit” as the fire being

revealed inside the wood, then “Naam Amrit” is the lit match that sets the

wood on fire. “Naam Amrit” is the greatest happiness in this world and

brings great joy and bliss and energy into the mind of the devotee who meditates upon it.



The greatest happiness in the world is the amrit naam of the Lord. The mind os the devotees are in wonderment. SGGS

Only God in the form of the Eternal Guru, the Satguru, the one who has the

light and amrit totally manifested inside them can GIVE this this gift to a

mortal soul. Satguru Nanak Maharaj was and still is the Giver of Amrit, “Amrit

ka Data”. Bhai Nand Lal Ji writes that when Guru Nanak Dev Ji disappeared into

the river for three days, God gave Guru Nanak Dev Ji two things, humility

(gareebee) and naam amrit. And Guru Nanak Maharaj went into the world to give out the greatest happiness to every single person he could.


The Amrit Naam, the Ambrosial Nectar Of the Name of the Lord, is within the SatGuru. SGGS

AMRIT NAAM SATGUR DEE-AA. The Eternal Guru bestows the Amrit Naam, the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. SGGS 352

On receiving the Naam Amrit from the SatGuru, a mortal soul becomes totally

devoted to it. It saturates his tongue, breaths, mind, heart, kundalini, third-eye tenth gate and each and every pore of their body, mind and soul.

AYK NAAM KO THEE-O POOJAAREE MO KA-O ACHRAJ GUREH DIKHAA-I-O. I have become a worshipper of the One Name; the Guru has shown me this amazing wonder. SGGS 209



So how does a mortal soul receive the “Naam Amrit” from the Satguru, the Giver

Of Amrit? That is the third type of Amrit. Whereas the other two were

spiritual, the this one is physical. At Guru Nanak Ji’s time upto the ninth

Guru, the devotees where initiated with Charan Amrit. The ceremony consisted

of the Satguru ji dipping his toe into a bowl of water and the Satguru ji’s

amrit drenched body would purify the water. It was called Charan Amrit – Foot Amrit.

The devotee would drink this and be given the Naam – the holy word, the Name of God to meditate upon. You could say well anyone can chant the Name of God. Yes they could, but receiving it from Satguru ji is like getting a lit match. And repeating it just because someone else told you about it or you read about it, is like trying to set the wood on fire with an unlit match.

Satguru Gobind Singh Ji transformed the Charan Amrit Ceremony into the

Khanda-batta-da-amrit ceremony. Where the Five blessed souls, the Punj Piara

who where fully enlightened and expereincing the highest type of Amrit “Ek

Boond Amrit” stirred the water with the holy double-edged sword and chanted

then Amrit Naam and Words of God. They were God as the Satguru and became Amrit Ka Data.

The point of the the khanda-bhatta-da-amrit ceremony is to give the mortal soul

“Amrit Naam” which they worship whole-heartedly and with Gur Prasad, or God’s

grace reach the highest state of “Ek Boond Amrit.”

Never to be born or to die again. The rest of the initiation ceremony is to give you discipline so that the 5 thieves do not steal your amrit naam. Eg if you become engrossed in lust and spend all your time after porno movies and magazines then you are no longer worshipping the Amrit Naam. If you keep your discipline wear you 5Ks have good sangat you will survive.

You can’t break Amrit. It is indestructible. All you can do is break your

discipline, and break your promise to worship ONLY the Amrit Naam.

I hope that has helped you understand this important word, AMRIT.

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