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Beautiful sakhi of Bhagat Dhanna


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I wanted to share this beautiful sakhi of love with rest of sangat.

it shows that true love towards God is all that counts in the end.

it is from Bhai Gurdass's vaaras:

A brahman would worship gods (in the form of stone idols) where Dhanna used to graze his cow.

On seeing his worship, Dhanna asked the brahman what he was doing.

“Service to the Thakur (God) gives the desired fruit,†replied the brahman.

Dhanna requested, “O brahman, if you agree kindly give one to me.â€

The brahman rolled a stone, gave it to Dhanna and thus got rid of him.

Dhanna bathed the Thakur and offered him bread and buttermilk.

With folded hands and falling at the feet of the stone he begged for his service to be accepted.

Dhanna said, “I will also not eat because how can I be happy if you are annoyed.â€

(Seeing his true and loving devotion) God was forced to appear and eat his bread and buttermilk.

In fact, innocence like that of Dhanna makes the sight of the Lord available.

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