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~ Audio Kathas In English By Akali Sukha Singh Ji ~


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I've only so far listened to the humility one...really great katha, one million times better than the 'i used to be a paapi...' talks. please forgive me for one tiny correction - I don't want to sound anal but just clarifying that atma can never be 'full of paap', only the mind. We need to get babaji doing more on line vichaar.

thanks for the downloads Neo (and nice avatar)

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I'd say what babaji talks is just plain old good katha in english with lots of gurbani quotation and good use of sakhis from across the spectrum (bhai rama singh for example). I wouldn't define it as 'samprdaic'. In fact I'm not sure what people are meaning by 'samprdaic katha'? Perhaps neo could clarify. I can only assume it means nirmalay, udasis and sevapanthis with their delectation for the deeper adhyatmic/vedantic elements, vichaar in which they draw upon and eleborate the meaning of certain adhyatmic concepts in gurbani a la Baba Jagjit Singh Harkhowal or generally any Nirmala/Udasi for that matter.

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