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Humble Request


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Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa Vahiguru ji ki Fateh..........

I received this in an email and thought I may share with the sangat...........

Satkar Yog Sadh Sangat Ji

Vaheguru Ji Ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh.

It is difficult to count the blessings vaheguru has showered upon all of us.We can never repay to Guru Saheb but by leading our lives in a way shown by the Gurus we can show our humble gratitude. One significant contribution is giving our Dasvand or ten percentile of our earnings in service of Guru Ghar and panth sewa.

This is about a 150 years old gurudwara in Batwara village rural area of Hoshiarpur district in Punjab,India, which my family and our neighbourhood families have been supporting for all these years by the very few means we have.The gurudwara is made out of mud and is in a dilapidated condition which is heartening to see.

The Sangat there is not as blessed as most of us in terms of money they make. They are mostly daily wage earners but are true devotees and they maintain the activities of gurudwara with all their resources.I have been going to this gurudwara since childhood and always wanted to do my share. Unfortunately we had to struggle for a long time before we saw the dawn of financial fortune. Now that vaheguru has given me such a great opportunity I would like to invite all my brothers and sisters to help me in this Noble cause.

I am a software engineer, working for Wipro Technologies, a software company in India. Currently posted in Coca Cola, Atlanta, GA, USA.

The revered Sangat of Gurudwara of Gulf coast, in Houston,Texas, helped me raise lot of money for the construction work but it is still a long way to go. The estimated cost for the construction is 10,000 dollar.

I would like to request all my fellow gursikhs and sikhnis to contribute their daswand to the construction of this rural gurudwara.

Contact Info:


Our address:




17307 ALPHARETTA, GA - 30005, USA

Email: triloks@hotmail.com

Contact : 404-966-8017

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