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Very very good Santhiya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Bhindran Taksal. The Bani is good and the parchar is also very good at explaining the bani such as Raagmala

This is a great contributon from some of the singhs on Sikhsangat.

Dhan Dhan Sant Mohan Singh Ji Bhindranwalae.

Hopefully gurmatveechar will have some videos by Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji soon as well depending on the source of the videos

The santhiya can be found on the following link


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really good effort by bhindri taksal and the gurmatveechar singhs. However, I listened to a bunch of the files yesterday and although its a good resource for people that cant find a taksali ustad for santhia, it really doesnt compare with doing santhia properly with a good ustaad. To take full benefit from these recordings one would already have to have knowledge of all the small rules, and have to understand where jamkees and vishraams go in, or have to be able to somehow pick up on them just by listening to the bani instead of having someone explain it. But if someone has already done atleast a little santhia, this is an amazing resource

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