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Our Mata, Mata Sahib Devi

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Dalip Singh interprets the mentioning of Hemkunt Sahib and the seven peaks of snow etc as Guru Gobind Singh doing Bhakti in the womb of Mata Gujri, whereafter God instructs Guru Maharaj of his duty and mission, and hereafter sends him into Kalyug.

this is an interesting interpretaion. he has based it on his studies of some hindu scriptures that mentions the Jog of some important hindu figure mentioned in the Batchitra Natak

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The Dasam Granth makes reference to Guru Sahib's own birth and coming into the world on the hukam of Akal Purakh. Whether this relates to a physical previous birth or not is another question.

It in no way implies that he was Dhust Daman, which is a story fabricated using the account given in the Bachittr Natak as its inspiration. Bottom line is Guru Sahib does not refer to himself as Rishi Dhust Daman at any place.

As per the myterious Yogi - some more information would be nice, otherwise it is simply a case of chinese whispers - I heard from so and so, who knows a certain so and so, who is a great soul blah blah blah, that x Y z happened, hardly a great source is it now, and please save me the "certain things are only know as gupt" malarky.

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