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What to say to Guru Ji if.... ..

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What to say to Guru Ji if you have an exam next day and you haven't studied for it but you still want a 100% in it , and the reason for not studying was not due to extreme circumstances but due to extreme procrastination and laziness ?

and also if you have repeated it like 1000 times ...the act of not working hard and then after pleading to Guru ji for marks

Solutions please ? :)

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Why bother Guru Jee for something so trivial!

I find such the performance of such 'Ardas' (for forgiveness, for protection, for assistance etc) a little strange since as Sikhs keeping the minimum 5 bani rehit, all such things are repeatedly requested and sought and summarised in the standard wording of the Ardas.

As Xylitol suggests, cram as hard as you (and keep up your standard rehit - that in itself should cover all such eventualities).

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