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Esraj / Dilruba lessons are available here on HarSangeet.com

Learn Classical Indian Music online at HarSangeet.com

HarSangeet.com will teach you how to play and improve your skills on instruments in the Dilruba Family + Sing + Tabla.

This is especially useful if you have no access to a teacher on a regular basis.

If you are an enthusiast and already have a teacher, and are just looking for different perspectives to absorb and learn from - we will also be useful to you.

lessons will Include:

Dilruba / Esraj (Israj) / Tar Shehnai / Taus ( if you can play one , you can play all ) - Basics, Exercises, Tips, and Techniques to get your instrument to SING with you.

Gurbani Kirtan - Classical / Semi-Classical / Light Shabads - can even do requests. Send the file and someone will de-construct the tune and teach it SLOWLY so its easy to follow.


Playing along on Dilruba

Advanced Compositions: Puratan Reets, Partaals and uncommon beat compositions: 11 beat, 9 beat, 13 beat, etc.

Tabla for Accompaniment - Beginner/Intermediate level only- but there will still be plenty of cool Tihais and Kaidas.

Vocal Training - singing tips and exercises

Classical Hindustani Bandishes, Ghazals, and Old Hindi Songs.

HELP SUPPORT THE DYING CAUSE OF SIKH GURMAT SANGEET VIDIYA! FOR A LOW PRICE OF $42 USD(£20.69) A MONTH FOR UNLIMITED ACCESS! (this cost covers all the appropriate web space pricing, ustad Maiya Singh ji's fees and a small amount to people who are spending their time creating, editing and uploading audio and video clips!)

http://harsangeet.com/index.php?page=join<< JOIN NOW!

Under the guidance of Siri Satguru Jagjit Singh ji, Ustad Maiya Singh has learnt many different styles from many different teachers, here are just some of them:

He learnt the dhrupad style of singing from Siyaram Tivari, other singing styles from Rajan and Sajan Mishra and Tar-shehnai from Ustad Baljeet Singh ji Namdhari (Delhi Wale, T-series Ragis) and Ustad Piara Singh.

He is a part of Siri Satguru Jagjit Singh jis Hazuri ragis, who travelled to Thailand and based in the Sikh Sangat there. He has taught many people who are enthusiastic about Gurmat Sangeet and Classical Hindustani Sangeet. He has also done alot of research into raga's and how they are portrayed in Siri Aadh Guru Granth Sahib ji. Ustad Maiya Singh has also created many compositions in title raga from Siri Dasam Guru Granth sahib.

Any one who is interested in joining please visit http://www.harsangeet.com/ and join now!

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