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Jyot - Mans internal flame of God or For God?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Many times I have heard and seen references to each and every individual human being having that spark of God within them, which is supposed to guide us from wrong, and becomes clouded with by the 5 evils and is unable to reach Almighty Lord God.

What i want to discuss is that if this spark/jyot/light really of Almighty Mahakaal then why would a part of such an entity be easily clouded by the vices of the Earth, OR do we each and everyone of us have a Light or Jyot which burns for Akaal Purkh and is the source for fueling our love and longing for the almighty. And like a flame which which diminishes without oxygen, the internal flame diminishes without Naam.

What do you guys think, whats your perspective on this "jyot" which we all have.

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See thats exactly how i feel because I had a discussion with one of Baba Ravinder Singh's followers and he was saying that we have this Jyot inside us all and all that its trying to do is merge back wit God but its clouded with the panch chor of this sansar, and i was like well if this jyot is the same jyot as Almighty God then why would be "suppressed" by worldly things ie maya, God is above maya... he was left speechless.

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The Jyoth cannot be suppressed by Maya - it's about recognising who you really are: "Munn To Jyoth Saroop Hai", "Sab Meh Jyoth, Jyoth Hai Soi" etc.

As far as the "merging" back is concerned, if everything is Waheguru, then there is no separation to begin with except in your mind so what is merging with what?

It's all part of the tamasha......

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see now he was adamant that this jyot was trying to merge back with God and what he was saying was that if there was no separation then why are we all pining for liberation when being is being.

However when you say the jyoth cannot be supressed then why doesnt this divine spark stop us from doing wrong, this DIVINE light is above all this hence we would all be saints. Thats why i feel that this internal jyot is a flame which drives our passion to be one with God and its gets smaller or bigger depending how we react in the path which lies ahead of us in this sansaar hence bringing in a concept of free will.

as per sab meh jyoth jyoth hai soi tis deh chanan sab meh chanan hoi" this light is within everyone and when we have the blessings of a gurmukh or guru or saint this brightens up our flame to excell on our spiritual path. Because Guru sahib does just add points on your spiritual tally chart just because you had his darshan but he inspires us to do bhagti and naam so that we may earn points on our spiritual tally.

Maharaj also says that those who have the name of God instilled in their hearts shine out. and by that they are those vadhbhagi people who have reached such a point of spiitualism that there jyots shine out and inspire others. Its all about you desire to meet with your beloved!

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By definition the jyot is surely always lit?

Are we going towards that jyot inside us - the ultimate light and our true 'self'. Or are we walking in ignorance, away from to jyot - following our shadow and deluded by duality which can be called 'darkness'.

I think a problem is a misunderstanding of important concepts, or a deluded/lame/abstract understanding due to how loosely terms are thrown around today.

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