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Khalistan Question


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I am cross posting this to another site, in case you see it twice; I just could use a multiplicity of answers.

How important would you say the contemporary issue of establishing the state of Khalistan is to being a follower of the Gurus?

I don't mean this disrespectfully. I understand peoples' wishes to have national autonomy, and can understand both the Jewish attempt to do this after the Shoah and the Palestinian attempt to do it now (while I disagree with specific methods and decisions from both). I do ask with a bit of wariness though because nationalism kind of bothers me. It seems that within the Islamic community people treat every conflict involving Muslims as some article of faith, especially Palestine, instead of just people doing what they do and fighting and killing for reasons both just and unjust. To what extent would you view political impetus towards Sikh Separatism as a necessity to being a good Sikh? And what form would it take?

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For some it is important that a secular land be established before they begin their practice of being a Sikh, but such a land cannot provide a guarantee that those who will reside in it will become Sikhs of the Gurus. If the current state of Punjab cannot even establish a reliable rule for the Sikhs living there, then what are the chances that after Khalistan such corruption will be removed? There is not guarantee for either case.

Become the Sikh of the Guru NOW, not wait for an Utopian fantasy to become a reality...rule the land of your mind with vigilance so the true Khalistan can exist in your heart.

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