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KARBALA: When Skies Wept Blood

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singho can you clarify this statement you made?

are you implying that gurbani is not much more than collection of hearsay???

singho i m repeating the question for 2nd time? can you please respond to this than dodging the question?

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“There is one organisation that trains sikhs around the UK once a week in how to stab, maim, hate Muslims, rape Muslim women with a boar's tooth and crap like that. We both know the organisation I'm referring to here. It is funded through a single organisation which is registered as a charity through the Charity Commission (for taxation purposes).â€

Lol, you have seriously lost the plot, isolation is not good for you, get out their in the real world and meet real people.

Niddar Singhs classes (assuming this is what you are referring to) do not such thing. If you have evidence, reveal yourself and prove it, instead of discrediting people sitting behind your veil.

Funny that you thought these same classes would be able to help someone close to you not so long ago, I won’t say no more, but again you prove yourself a 1st class hypocrite.

And all this rape nonsense you and your saviour are spreading, calm down. One comment, by one child, does not equal a panthic mindset or culture. If you bother reading Islamic historic sources on fighting Singhs you will realise how stupid you really are, they clearly state that Singhs treat women with dignity, as is the order by our 10th Master.

“No I shall not stop with this little campaign of mine, rest assured.â€

Thanks for admitting you have an agenda.

“and yet you're split into a myriad little cults each one of which is at the others' throats,â€

Rich coming from someone who is part of a sect/community involved in killing it’s sister sect/community (Iraq). Show me where Sikhs are committing daily murder of other Sikhs (whichever facet)?

“You enjoy massive government grants in exchange for complete acceptance of government policy from war in the Middle East to the treatment of homosexuals.â€

Listen plonker, so are your Shia brothers as has been shown above.

“However, it doesn't stop there, does it?? Don't you also have your little training camps and organisations that preach hatred, violence and the acceptance of rape of Muslim women, 'teaching' this sick doctrine free of charge?

Prove it. This simply shows your hatred of Sikhs. The only lectures I am aware of is those that give warnings of certain Muslim groups (and Muslim youth culture in some parts) where converting Sikh girls by whatever means or simply destroying their lives is a good thing. I may not entirely agree with possible stereotyping and the way these lectures are delivered, but they state facts none the less, and of course, not all Muslims are guilty of the accusations..

“Not just this, but 'Raj' organisations indoctrinating your youth in the ways of creating a viable sikh government, again funded by you-know-you in support of the Foreign Office's long-term campaign to destabilise the Punjab region and undermine the integrity of India.â€

Why would the UK govt want to destabilise the Indian Punjab region? Another one of your paranoid theories. The US has also performed an autopsy on Aliens, check it out.

“Stop creating terrorists and I'll stop showing up the holes in your boat.â€

Joker, Mahdi army ring a bell, take your own advice or use all this effort to educate your brothers (but that’s a bit difficult to do behind a PC). Your comment is especially laughable on this forum, which as far I have seen, does not condone any ‘Sikh’ terrorist activity and is not on the large part a fan of Khalistan either.

“OK, so if you're not a liar then you tell me where did golestan or myself criticise the homosexuals?â€

“In Shi'a fiqh hudud cannot be delivered in the absence of Sahib e Zaman (af). Unfortunately the Iranian regime takes it upon itself to act on his behalf whic I don't agree with. But yes I believe that homosexuals if they don't repent from their acts after a proper warning and an opportunity to mend their ways should be executed.†Javanmard

“1) Sharia law applies to all mankind and who does not accept is in defiance.â€

Thank you. In that case you choose to live in the UK, where sharia does not operate, and therefore live in defiance of sharia – Kaafir?. That is the reason you won’t answer my 2 hypothetical questions, because it will show how stupid your fanatical opinions are.

2) You're simply affirming my point that 'sikh' is really just an umbrella term used by the British government to mean someone who is docile and compliant to all policies of their white British imperial masters and at the same time like a faithful kuttah barking at the Muslim trying to explain the many deficiencies in your creed.â€

As always, living in a paranoid lonely world. I feel sorry for you. But you now have the courage to call the Sikh panth (be it UK) a dog. Bravo.

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If you have a personal problem with me then take it over PMs rather than trolling your own 'sikh' fantasy forum, because I doubt readers here are interested in your pathetic attempts to sling mud or call me names. However, for the avoidance of any doubt, readers of this forum should note the following fact:

I don't know this shaheediyan and have never met him. Neither does he know me. This is how the brave internet 'sikh' talks to complete strangers.

I rest my case about UKPHA and its terrorist training camps at various locations around the UK. The officers of this organisation break the law on a daily basis and carry an arsenal of ILLEGAL offensive weapons wherever they train their sikh militant 'warrior' types. These weapons include:

1) A variety of swords;

2) An assortment of knives and daggers;

3) Fistload/punching accessories;

4) bagh nakh;

5) concealed blades in kamarkassa.

Who cares what this shaheediyan says? Everyone who's been to these training camps knows it's the truth. It's self-evident when you go there, and the vicious array of weapons are laid out for the kuffars to prostrate to. The weapons he and his minions have carried there in breach of the Offensive Weapons Act, out on the streets.

I rest my case about these training camps funded by central government and the National Lottery. FOLLOW THE MONEY and you will know the truth. Check YouTube for the khalistani 'Shere Punjab' and Google for 'boar's tooth and sikh'.

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You rest your case? For someone who loves the law I find your cases laughable! I don't mean this personally at you but at your arguments.

Let me make this clear for you:

Your judgement on Sikhs = Khalistani terrorists + hearsay about Niddhar Singh Nihang + Shere Punjab + Lack of law (Please sue me) + Boar tooth + Heathen ways + whatever else negative you can think of

Using your logic, which is suitably faulty, Sikhs should judge Muslims = Global terrorism + Osama Bin Laden + Executing homosexuals + Ultra strict laws + Forced conversions + Cause of a number of wars + whatever else they can think of

But no you'll say 'I am not x muslim, I'm y muslim'. But if we use the same argument it's not valid. Just concede you've got it wrong and you've let your anger over-ride any reasoned approach to your arguments. Seriously, it can happen to any of us.

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As your so obsessed with your Murshid's Boar tooth fantasy, I thought you may appreciate this lovely pic of a traditional Indian Warrior showing off his trophies, oh so bravely gained! The point being (in case you missed it), the soor dand being a sign of bravery and the hunting prowess of a Warrior, even before the Muslim invaders reached India.

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I rest my case about UKPHA and its terrorist training camps at various locations around the UK.

What are you on? The UKPHA?!! Get serious singho. Many of them aren't even keshdhari let alone militant. The word teddybear comes to mind....

About the boar-tusk stuff - Not one historical journal MUSLIM or SIKH backs up your claims. The only source for this abhorrent claim is a nutter from up north. Hardly credible.

UKPHA may well be partially lottery funded. In any case, they are a Punjabi organisation involved in protecting Punjabi heritage - Islamic, Sikh and Hindu and have nothing to do with religion per se.

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Be name Khoda

I believe the thread has now completely degenerated. The initial post was a link to the video about Imam Hussain (as) and the tragedy of Karbala. It then degenerated into a vicious attack against the Prince of Martyrs (as) by one of the posters claiming that he had it coming. The thread then moved on to a semi-decent discussion on divine law where it has been made obvious that the Sikh participants showed me that:

a. they had no clue about Islamic jurisprudence

b. Sikhism does not have a divinely revealed law despite its claims to be both spiritual and political thus undermining that very claim.

The personal issue between members of this forum, the cheap insults and the unnecessary personal attacks have no relation to Imam Hussain (as) nor the discussion about divine law.

As for Shaheediyan's statement about working with homosexuals I have never worked with any so far though I have known homosexuals when studying at university and have avoided their company. I can even say that I had problems because of that that but then again I was created to please Allah (swt) not to give into human moral fashions that change constantly.

Between the blatant ignorance and caricature representation of Islamic jurisprudence of some members,the use of Sunni sources thinking to make a point by others, the persistent childish personal attacks of others to the rude boyish challenges to fight of yet others, I fail to see anything substantively worth debating.

I shall come back when there is a real debate.

kind regards

Bahadur Ali Shah


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This thread seems to have degenerated long ago. Can one of the mods please take out or at least reduce Singho's avatar? Quite apart from the wastage of bandwidth, I think he's made his point about how 'servile' and 'docile' Sikhs are to the UK government..lol

I suppose his idea of living in the UK is to blow up some planes while carrying condoms and dirty mags on the plane. Oh I forgot those guys were X Muslims and he is a Y Muslim. The X Muslims of course follow a different prophet and use a different Quran! Does anyone else notice how close our friend Singho seems to be close to getting his butt renditioned to Guantanamo. I guess he should get himself measured up for those very gay orange jumpsuits that the most trendiest Islamic terrorist is wearing nowadays!

His constant harping on about terrorist camps run by UKPHA or Niddar Singh seem to point to him being close to buying a rucksack and boarding the nearest underground train! Maybe the guys from UKPHA might want to get their lawyers on the case because he's pretty much libeled their organisation.

Muslims, Shia or otherwise are the hypocritical people around. They have never heard of the expression 'those is glass houses..". Singho complains about Sikh Gurdwaras accepting Lottery money but how does Singho managed to live in a kuffar state like the UK given that his mickey mouse religion has burdened him with all sorts of do and don'ts that make normal life virtually impossible.

How does he live without having to engage in an activity that does not involve interest? I suppose his answer would be the common one amongst Muslims.. so called Islamic finance. I thought the hadiths were the most hilarious read but reading some of the ways in which Muslim financial organisations try to use Arabic euphemisms to what would be called "interest" in any other culture are priceless. Our friend Singho can rest assured that he hasn't strayed from the 'true' path because his Islamic bank gives him a regular Hibah or gift based on the amount of money he has deposited with them! How about car or medical insurance? Haram according to some Imams.

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