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Sant Samagam in Patiala 2007


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Right these three videos are very good. A Sant Samagam at the Ashram of Swami Parmanand Ji in Patiala.

The first video is katha by Swami Parmanand Ji Giri,


The second video is katha by Sant Harnam Singh Ji Bhindrawalae


The third video is katha by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae



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well what is the point of going to the gurdwara and listening to the kathakaar there? It is the same, if you listen to Swami Ji's parvachan he talks about death reincarnation and other topics which are of interest to the devotee who wants to learn.

Also these samagams break down bounderies. You get a mixture of knowledge from different areas eg, Swami Ji = vedant, Sant Jagjit Singh Ji = Nirmalae, Sant Harnam SIngh = Taksali, Sant Ram Singh = sewapanthi!

It breaks bounderies and brings a greater unity to the sangat who would just follow one type of sants. For example there are loads of people who will only listen to takal katha, nirmala katha or nihang katha. this way you take views from all areas

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Baisakhi is so pleasant; the branches blossom with new leaves.

The soul-bride yearns to see the Lord at her door. Come, O Lord, and take pity on me!

Please come home, O my Beloved; carry me across the treacherous world-ocean. Without You, I am not worth even a shell.

Who can estimate my worth, if I am pleasing to You? I see You, and inspire others to see You, O my Love.

I know that You are not far away; I believe that You are deep within me, and I realize Your Presence.

O Nanak, finding God in Baisakhi, the consciousness is filled with the Word of the Shabad, and the mind comes to believe. ||6||

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