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Welcome to the site and I would suggest that spend some time on this site if you want to learn about Sikhism. This question has been asked so many times and anwser can't be given in one word or one sentence.

Here is the link for you to get the full details about Sikhism.


sikhism a product of hinduism and sikhism


Guru Nanak Dev Ji


Sikhism : Its Ethics and Values


Sikhnet Treasure of Sikhism.


Once you done reading all the above links then you will be able to understand why Sikhism was started.

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Ok i have a question... Why did Guru Nanak Dev ji established sikh religion, as he was from hindu family?? He could hindu .. but what are the things that he didn't accepted to be hindu or muslim?? i will appriciate your answers... Amansingh.


We want to allow healthy discussions no sladering so please refrain yourself from slandering other faiths.

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