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Is it ok to pray for someone who is in distress ?

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I think its important to pray for people in need. Just because its karam doesn't mean we should be apathetic to the pain of others. It may be in there karam, that you did ardas for him/her. Prays are difficult to measure. I would say anyones pray can be as powerfull as a brahm giani's, if not more, if it is said from the truth within us. We can not force that truth, we can just let Waheguru judged it. I think the only true ardas I have ever given is to be in love with Wahegurus lotus feet and for Gurbani to never leave me (because of my blindness/laziness).

I personally don't think if you pray for those in need, negative energies turn on you. But even if it did, and I got ill or something, I would still do ardas for those in need. Selflessness, and helping those in need, is infinately more important than what happens to us in this life. I think its more important to uplift others, than to gain mukti itself.

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You can pray for them to have clarity if it’s in Gods will. But Dukhi causes us to turn to God a lot of the time so it’s good to let people learn for themselves. Myself as an example, I turned to God a lot when I had a lot of dukhi, hence it can be a blessing.

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