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Mount Kailash

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Hi, I've been wondering if there is any importance of Mount Kailash (Kailāśā Parvata) in Sikhi? Is there any mention of it in Gurbani? Historically its considered the source of the Sutlej, Indus, Ganges aswell as other rivers. Maybe this question is also asking if there is any importance of rivers, like the Indus and Ganges for Sikhs? Is there any importance of ishnaan in them waters? Some Hindus consider the mountain the home of god and more specifically Shiv Ji. I don't know if they mean Shiv Ji in terms of avtara or literally, but if it was literal, wouldn't that maybe go against a Sikh definition of Shiva. As far as I know Shiva is referred to in Gurbani as a word for God and a descriptive word for the destructive element of the non-dual God, aswell as in reference to a avtara of Shiva.

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