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Meaning of Sikh names


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my name isn't

though part of it is :P

Veerpal Singh

Veer - A brave person

but not Pal isn't tjhere :P

yo acctually i was thinking of changing my anme to Veer Singh :P

Btw is it possible to change name in sikhi..

just that its da same letter as it was when the hukamnama was taken < birth

n e 1 aware of that?

btw which u think sounds best

Veerpal SIngh or

SImply Veer Singh :P


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veerpal is better 8)


thanx a lot

yo BTW

my real name isn't Veerpal

officially in Sweden

it VIRpal :cry: :P

even though in real english it SHOULD be


gonna change it as soon as i get my driving licesance :twisted: :P

byh generally

Are Sikhs Alloud to chang e names ....jus with the same first letter?

:roll: ?

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