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PPlz from Midland, How bad is this situation?? Plz tell


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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

Having just read that article, it brings back to me something I read about 7/8 years ago... There was a newsletter/publication that was freely available at my local Gurdwara Sahib that had extracts from leaflets and other lit that was being distributed amoungst peeps in order to convert Sikh/Hindu girls to Islam, back then there was alot of this info available but now things seem to have chilled out... not as much is said about things like this...

so can anyone tell me how much truth is in this news paper article

I think its totally true. I have on more than one occasion come across material that has been obtained from various groups and their mission is to converts peeps to Islam however they can...

Fateh Ji

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muslims are TAKING OVER half of bham lol, alot of black people are moving out to make way for them.........as for conversions i dont know, but since the people they target are, frankly, slappers, i dont really care.

muslims dont touch keski wearing/strict singhnees because they know about their own religion.

u find that its usually the unknowledgable people who convert, the letter that was circulated admits this (specifically saying that sikh girls know jack all about their own religion), and u also find that emotionally/financially vunerable do the same (ever noticed how many "born again" muslims come out of jails?????)

sikhs definately dont need missionaries, they just need to give the youth a little knowledge, people "converting" should be due to others leading by example, not feeding false propaganda.

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this article is 100% real - ive read the original one myself - it was a while ago

everyone knows muslims schemes and aims to convert people to islam - but it doesnt stop them from trying - why would they stop anyway?? 72 virgins await them :LOL::LOL::LOL: :roll:

main thing is u should have knowledge to be able to debate with these people with whatever they try to throw at u - i myself get allot of dirty looks from the stricter muslims :shock: lol.. chalo koi nee :wink: :wink:

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i sooo agree with Khalsa Soulja!! Our apniya sikh kurriah r so un-educated about their own relgion that they thinkin a guy with a turban is a guy who wears a turban as a trend...n those girls find these guys unattractive!! i knw this is tru, 2 girls i knw are like this!!

My mum married a singh (sardar), she's really happy..n my dad is soooo cute!!! hehe!!! :LOL: Back in their day.....women/girls neva thought the way these slappers do these days!!

I personally....wud marry a singh....coz thts an identity. It is wat u r!! n its wicked 2 b recognised!!! It's like wen our family goes out 2 town or sum where 2getha...dad's with us...n every1 knw..we the sikh family!! especailly living in a town like Bradford!!

About these leaflets...i dunno why..but they seem very downlow in Bradford, majority of the population is Muslim, wich is abit F***ed!! I hate it here. Muslims knw that they have an easy target..n tht they can convert apniya girls, but i dont beleive how thick our girls can b!!

How hard is it 2 knw tht u was born into a sikh family..n u shud remain sikh, its jus common sense!!! If god wanted u 2 b muslim..u wudave been born into a muslim family!!

Sikh girls are disgraceful.....i knw tht muslim guys are goodlookin, but their intentions r cruel. Why cant girls jus stop themselves. Dont they have 2 pride or morals!!!

Anywayz..i think ive sed enuf...i wanna knw wat u all gotta say!!!

Take care!! Mwah!!! xxxxx

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the name is jus a name....depends how u read into it n how u percieve it!!!

lol theres only one way to percieve it

anyways lets not debate on ur username - if u ever wish to change it give "truthsingh" a shout and he will do it for u :wink:

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thanks for the replies, i agree with the comments made by most ppl but there is one that someone always makes, that sounds fimiliar. Most sikhs see this as a filtering process. Let them have the bad stuff because if these girls had any sense they wud not convert in the first place.

So why is it that these ppl try so hard to convert sikh girls into their religion, and we do so little to keep these girls into sikhi?

I belive the way best solution is to educate girls and boys from childhood about sikhi values. Sikhi is a beautiful religion and only a fool would give it up.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh

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I understand what you mean by the filtering process.. but you see they are our sikh sisters and we must protect and make them aware of this danger

I wonder why they call themselves religious ppl. Such ppl are terrorists in the name of the religion. The article had a line saying "We must convert sikh girls to muslim in order to bring peace in this world".. how lame can that be now ? They think we gonna remain silent ??

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All muslims are like tht!! Even the female muslims go by this. I dont knw wat it is with tht religion, but they say that all the bodies that have been buried afta death..will all 1 day walk he earth n run things!!

I was out 2day with my bro..n he's a DJ, this muslim girl has booked him for a supposed 'charity' event. This even is on Sept 11, my bro questioned her on this, n he asked why do some muslims celebrate sept 11th. She has done a politics degree and her answer was that ppl die everyday, so wat if it happened 2 the americans. She sed her religion comes 1st no matta wat.

.....is there any SIKH girl who can say this?? i knw her ansa wasnt a very good 1....but she stuck by her religion n pointed out how many people were n still are gettin killed bk in the muslims countries. The girl knew wat she was talkin abt.....cant say much about our Sikh girls, myself included!!!

Honestly..the girl made a valid point, but my bro gave as good as he got back, he got the girl thinkin abt wat her views were. It was a heated debate. Muslims go on about how badly they been treated n how americans trained these terrorists n tht!! They talk alot of bubbles....wich 2 some uneducated ppl wud seem tru!! That is why our sikh youngsters...need to b educated from an early stage. Educate the kids dont force the religion, forcing cud push the person away!!

I jus like to say....i hate majority of Muslims, they have dirty minds...n they are corrupt. I say majority...coz the minorty are not tht bad. My best mate is muslim...but she is the most safest muslim girl i knw!! Genuine muslim friends/associates are hard 2 find!!!

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yeh the muslims i know are ok i guess....but sum otha ppl i know have PROOOPA safe muslim mates, they wont even eat meat infront of him.

i would hardly call that girl well clued up, i would just say shes brainwashed.

ive known a few people who are exactly the kind of girls that the moslems try to convert and honestly i wouldnt want them in my religion anyway. but what does worry me a bit is how fast islam is growing......pity the conversions are usually out of ignorance and propaganda.

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the majotiry of muslims aint bad, there are some who are only out there to 'convert', what i was told once was if a muslim converts one non-muslim into islam they automatically get a place in heaven, however, apparently this aint true!

yeah there are some 'dirty' muslims who just look at you when u walk past or wat not, but u just have to put ur head up high and walk past remebering who you are, the weak ones are the ones who fall!!

people should just stick to thier dharam and grow stong in that!

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sIKHI is the most advanced religion

that Science follows parallel to

Science hasn't ever been able to prove SGGSG wrong

The Qu'ran is considerd being words of Allah

but i dont think AllaH/god/WAheGuru couldn't even

define his own creation

Read this short article


or simply check out the picture summing it all up..in da middle of da page ;):P

Basically it proves that the QU'ran isn't words of God and is all MAN MADE!

why do Sikhs RUn to Such a religion :S

I dont have n e thin against Muslims or n e thin..

as the majority of my school friends R Muslim/pakistanies......

//BHulla CHukka Maaf


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