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Loving God Vs Worshipping God

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

"Jin Prem Kio, Tinhi Prabh Paiyo"

Who loves God, only he will realise Him

Guys I read in one of the posts earlier, that 'God will become subjective to only who LOVE HIM, He wont become subjective to them who worship Him, or talk very highly of Him, but only to them who LOVE HIM.

What exactly is Loving God, since God cannot be seen like our fellow human beings, so I guess when you love Him, that love is very different to the love of visible things, cuz visible things are perishable and therefore false...

So can you tell me what is the difference between loving Waheguroo and worshipping Him???

Wahegurooooo Wahegurooooo Wahegurooooo

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Welcome to the site 'A Kaur'

In my experience, When you have love for waheguru, when you have a longing for the Guru, you know for sure that you are going in the right direction. And you get this longing only by experience, with Guru's Kirpa

This love leads you to worship God.

I suggest you listen to the suleman's tapes, they are very good..

Here's the link


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Initially you may find that there is ecstacy, often this simmers away, but the aim is to rekindle it, that burning love that makes your voice break and your eyes gush with unconditional love.

The question is, what produces and sustains that love? It can be many things; poetry, music, gyan, etc. For Nirmalae the assumption is that you flow with the thoughts and ideas.

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