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Muslim or Arab trait?


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bahadur, your equating dasam bani with this topic shows you are firing arrows in the dark. I know you are better than this. What is what sum1 duz whn they have no/incorrect answers? start saying" yeh but look at him !!".

I know that as a scholar of many of many languages, religions etc, that you yourself knew as you typed these previous posts, that you were as i said b4 " firing arrows in the dark".

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Nice try. I think the others posters have already said what I would have replied to your over the top comments. It's the height of idiocy to equate 1400 odd years of slavery and rape of female slaves to the Chritopakhyan. You have no answer to why a master can rape a female slave and have tried to bend and twist sharia ruling into order to prove that rape is not allowed when clearly it is.

I think we should leave it here. Rape of slaves in allowed in islam the schools of jurisprudence state and no amount of argument by you will change that fact.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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