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ALoud in Sikhi?

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IS it aloud in Sikhi to change ur name..as long as it is da same letter whcih was "taken out" of the HUkam Naama

when the person was born?

for instance

My name is Veerpal Singh (officially in Sweden Virpal Singh)

am I ALOUD ACCORDING TO SIKHI (NOT that I'm going to...but.. jus for the sake of knowledge)

AM I ALOUD TO CHANGE MY NAME TO ...SOmething else...as long as it begins with V?

and is appropreat to Sikhi..

eg not like:

Victor Singh.


I mean like FOR INsTANCE VEER SIngh

Veer - A brave person

according to


jus wondering :P:):D:LOL:

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it's a pretty cool name anyway :LOL:

:oops: thanx :oops::D

isn't it kinda like changing God's will?

My opinion :

God WIll was that it shuld be V

now da rest is up to may parents to choose ....that swouldn't be cahnging God's will

Changin God's Will would be changing da forst letter

but dats my opinion :roll:

Now i dont know if it is accepted in Sikhi

thank u for ur reply Mr Steel BAngle ji

and Simran 24-7 :)

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i dnt tink ur name should b changed,....coz it changes the meanin

which meaning?

there isn't n e meaning of the name


there is


VEER -a Braver person

but not pal

*check da page mentiond in da "sikh names" thread

I couldn't find my whole name

my name has no meaing :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

:wink: :wink: :wink: :P

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i know wat ur name means

because of commen sense. look, at the site search for "pal", then u will see names with pal in it (ie. Rajpal). now, Rajpal means "The protecter King". and also, if u search more names with "pal" in it, u will see the word protecter is in all the meanings. thus, ur name would mean:



so, i would assume it means "The Brave Protecter"

*ps , thats a cool name 8)

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