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Why Can't People Debate In A Rational Manner Here?

randip singh

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In that case, I understand why you feel the way you do - I haven't come across a single translation that is true to the original, most are shockingly bad. There are people who have studied all the languages used and have been taught the same meanings that have been passed down since the time of Bhai Mani Singh Ji and Baba Deep Singh Ji - that is what our traditional Taksals do, and why we need them.

You do not know me that well.

My methods of study are thorough. I leave nothing to chance. The translations I use are impeccable.

We don't need Taksal's thank you very much. Less the better I say.

Even from translations though, you can't claim that Jaap Sahib, Akaal Ustat are not Guru ji's uchaaran?.

They possibly are, but you need to view the originals and verify signs and handwriting. Either way it does not matter, like I said the Dasam Granth is a remarkable collection.

You have a point re: RSS funding singhsabhacanada, however looking at the bigger picture - Sri Dasam Granth uses very strong words to reject the foundation of their beliefs, no other dharmic granth does this with such unambiguity. I'm sure they are also happy at how the Kala Afgahnists and co have removed any essence of spirituality and denounced the need for 'Naam Japna' from their version of Sikhi. Without Simran, the inner thirst isn't quenched, and people look elsewhere - a good result as far as our enemies are concerned.

You of all people should know the epic debate I had with those guys that Guruji was praising various Gods and Demi-Gods on ww.sikh-history.com and no reply came back when I stated that in Akaal Ustat Guruji claimed they became victims of Kaal i.e. time, in other words died. So my point is people actually use Dasam Granth to say Sikhi is part of Hinduism. "Deh Shiva" etc is a classic.

The Afghanists seem to be saying that is Dasam Granth is saying Sikhi is pro-Hindu, then we want no part of Dasam Granth. Is that correct?

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