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Understanding Charitra-up-aakhyaan

Balbir Singh

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!

Dear all!

Some experts claim they have understood Charitra-up-aakhyaan well, specially lines that refer karmendriya.

God has given karmendriya (organs) to all beings.

God's Will, known as lust (Kaam), engages the being in worldly matters maintaining Sansaara.

God's Will, known as Naam, leads the blessed being toward bliss and liberation.

Charitra-up-aakhyaan is the wonderful collection of Hymns explaining how Kaam engages one with the moving (char) three Gunas (tri), Sansaara.

We may discuss each and every episode.

Readers who know True Simran may understand it easily.

Balbir Singh

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