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This article has not been written by me. for proofs u

may visit midday's office and find for ur self that

this article was printed in there one

of the editions 3-4years ago......

I was standing at Dadar Station when my attention

went towards a Sikh

youth standing near me wearing a Black turban having a

long beard and

wearing a Kirpan over his shirt looking similar to a



to the definition of the Central Government of India,

1980's). After a

while, one local train arrived, which was totally


The Sikh youth tried to board the train but failed to

do so.

Just then, a teasing voice was heard from the back

coach, "SARDAR JI


BAJ GAYE" (Sir, it is 12 o'clock!). The young Sikh

youth looked at the

voice maker who was a young mischievous type of


Instead of showing any anger, the Sikh smiled

pleasantly at him.

The smile was puzzling and it seemed some sort of

truth lies behind it.

Not able to resist my temptation, I walked towards him

and asked why

did he

smile back at the person who is tormenting him.

The Sikh youth replied, 'He was not teasing me but was


HELP". I was surprised with his reply, and he informed

me that there is


important history behind that remark of - 12 o'clock,

which one should


I was eager to learn and the Sikh youth Narrated:

During the 17th


when Mughals ruled India, the Hindu people were

humiliated and treated



The Mughals treated the Hindu women as their personal

property and were

forcing Hindus to accept Islam and even used to kill

the people if they

refused to do so.

At the time, our ninth Guru, Sri Guru Teg Bhadar Ji

came forward, in

response to requests by Kashmiri Pandits to fight

against these cruel

activities. Guru Ji informed the Mughal emperor that

if he succeeded in

converting him to Islam, then all Hindus would accept

the same fate,


should he fail to do so, he should stop all these


The Mughal emperor happily agreed to this, even after



torture to Guru Ji and their followers, the emperor

failed to convert


to Islam. As the Mughals were unsuccessful in

converting them, Guru Ji

along with four of his followers were wickedly

tortured and

assassinated at

Chandni Chowk, Delhi, where now stands the 'SHEESH



were put on a metal plate, with sand and firewood

burning under it, the


sand was then poured over their head). They sacrificed

their life for


cause, but did not convert. Thus, Guru Ji sacrificed

his life for the

protection of the Hindu people.

But, for the sake of whom Guru Ji had sacrificed their

life, none of


came forward to claim his body, fearing that they too

would be


Can anybody lay down his life and that too for the

protection of


religion? This is the reason they are still remembered

as "Hind Ki

Chaddar", (Shield of India.) Seeing this incident our

tenth Guru Ji,


Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Son of Guru Teg Bahadar Ji),

founder of Khalsa,


a resolution that he would convert his followers to

Lions, create such

fearless human beings, who would not hide themselves

and could be


located in thousands, hence the relevance of the beard

and turban, so


they would face the enemy like men (presence of

beard). Whereas it was

observed that when the Mughals would attack villages

and kill Hindu

men, to

eliminate the Hindu religion from the face of the

earth. Whereas,


of fighting back, the parents would put earrings on

male babies, so


wouldn't be identified as male. We see old aged people

still carrying


this tradition.

Sikhs were very few in number and were greatly

outnumbered as they


the Mughal armies that had ten's of thousands of

soldiers. At that


Nadir Shah raided Delhi in the year 1739 and looted

India. He carried


treasures and enslaved nearly 2,200 Hindu women along

with him. The


spread like fire and was heard by Sardar Jassa Singh

who was the


of the Sikh army at that time. He decided to attack

Nadir Shah's Kafila


midnight on the same day. He did so and rescued the

Hindu women who


safely sent back to their homes.

This not only happened once but regularly, and

whenever any Abdaalis or

Iranis attacked India, looting treasures and Hindu

women for sale in


markets, the Sikh army Lion Hearted braves although

few in numbers


attack them at midnight, 12 o'clock and rescued the

Hindu women (so


are caught unaware).

Although the Mughals kidnapped Hindu and even Sikh

women, no Muslim


were harmed by the Sikh army. After that time when

similar incidences

occurred, people started to

contact the Sikh army for their help and Sikhs used to

attack the


at Midnight, 12 o'clock. When the raiders would be

attacked, to raise


threat, they would yell 'Barah Baj Gaye' ? the Sikhs

are attacking.


continued and became a known fact that at midnight,

nearly at 12


it is very difficult to fight against Sikhs as the

Sikhs get some Extra

Power to save Religion, Nation and Humanity. Nobody

can fight and win

against them at midnight, no matter what the odds. In

1799, amazingly,

again even though the Sikh army was greatly

outnumbered, Lahore was


over by the Sikh commander Ranjit Singh and with that,

an end to the


tyranny over India. Under his rule, there was

prosperity and peace


Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims.

The enemies, who were then afraid of Sikhs, have

spread the words that


12 O'clock, the Sikhs go out of their senses. We

always hear that Sikhs


hot tempered and violent but the truth is they have

the genes of


and they spent centuries fighting for not only their

own religion but


religions as well.

If it were not for the Sikhs, today India would be a

country belonging


the Arab world. The Pakistani and Middle Eastern

writers have confirmed

this in their writings.

Me being a Hindu, I realized that Sikhs are born

warriors, and true


are out to help others and they are very patriotic to

Humanity and


Land. The Sikhs today, are still the Steel Barrier in

the Indian


build up, no one can argue that. We see their faces in

all frontline

postings as the MIGHT of Indian defense. But, what are

we all doing to

these great Saints and Soldiers?

Why are many modern Indian's forgetting the legacy

left by ancestral


so the one whose mother or sister is in trouble calls

a sardarji and


him "sardarji barah baj gaye.meri maa bhen ki rksha

karo.mein naa mard


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wat does this mean?

"sardarji barah baj gaye.meri maa bhen ki rksha

karo.mein naa mard


sardar ji its 12 o clock, take care of my mother and sister

im not sure about "mein naa mard hoon"

im not something something :?

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