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British Sikh Regiment


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Oh! So I'm not the only one banned from SikhSangat.com here......lol

What are they like!

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** Just bumping this up for nostagia:

a request to everyone to sign it


HSD, now that 5 years have gone past since the above, do you still hold the same attitude of apnay joining the British forces you had back then, or has it changed?

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Of course I still hold the same attitude. I'm surprised you mind so much about some jingoistic starry eyed numbnuts getting blown to bits either.

Kidding aside, the armed forces arent just a bunch of infantry regiments. They offer a lot of other stuff and for some level headed apneh a military career offers a route out of poverty or to a better future their own community here or abroad could ever provide. Of course if you're one of those Sikhs who's idea of being British is simply whatever people tell you to be then it maybe isnt such a good idea. Chances are your naivete will be used and abused. But you've got to face that on some local level in some parts of the UK it can be a good idea. A Sikh regiment would have done a lot to provide an area within the military far more accomodatiing to Sikhs than other infantry regiments can be. With Scotland becoming possibly independant it also isnt the same decision it was before. I'm surprised the SNP havent capitalised on the recent revelations to rub Westminster the wrong way and try to get Sikhs on their side.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual. Just because some British people are sanctimonious or begrudging in respect isnt a reason to storm off and not do anything nor is it a reason to say things you think people want to hear or try to appease them with a silly show of love. It's not an on/off switch. You can still be an individual, collect a pay cheque, achieve what you wanted and then get the f*ck out of there.

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