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The Mufti And The Fuhrer

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admin please ban or give tony and kaljug a warning for this childish behaviour of insulting holy figures of other religions!

Oh give me a break, child.

Yes, let's keep the token Muslim on the forum who insulted Guru Nanak and Sikhi in general on a Sikh forum but ban the Sikhs who don't believe in Islamic myths.


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My faith is not the result of my experiences, it is the way that has been established and show by all our prophets and Imams from Adam (as) to Imam-e Zaman (ajf) though Noah (as), Abraham (as), Moses (as), David (as), Jesus (as) and Mohammad (saws). For me to have Arab ideas would mean that I am either Arab or that I was brought up in Arabic which is not the case. And just in case you wondered: Shi'ism being non-tribal is NOT an Arab religion. Next time you wish to have a go at me chose better arguments.

so your faith is exactly as laid down by those you mentioned? i somehow doubt anyone can fully comply with people from that far back in time, especially as they didnt put a lot of it in writing. and why is having an arab belief system mean you are an arab? if an african beleives in russian communism, it does not make him a russian. trying to present my points as twisted logic will not work as i will just point out how you are messing about. shi'ism, suni'ism, why is it that some people always like to cut something down to the lowest denominator they can think of just to make themselves feel unique? islam is islam. before we know it, ishraqi will be a buddhist or a ravidassia. you really shouldnt treat religion like fashion.

and is this queen fatimah some kind of link to a persian pagan goddess?

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HSD - why do Bahadur's beliefs bother you? Keep personal chit-chat to the PMs.

they dont. read a few posts on the first page to see where i mentioned how his intolerance is skewing all his posts in one direction. you could ask why he is bothered by everyone else's opinions.

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Why do you say ahlul bayt, when the word is not used even once in the Dasam Granth?

please read the following from the great scholar of sikhism who used several years on studying litterature, theology, religion, history and lingustics from that region. He knows what he is talking about





etc etc.

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please read the following from the great scholar of sikhism.....

Leave it out veera! (for the newbs, Javanmard= Bahadur= Ishraqi)

He has been inclined towards Islam from an early age and was trying to reconcile the views given in Sri Dasam Granth with his own.

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admin please ban or give tony and kaljug a warning for this childish behaviour of insulting holy figures of other religions!

How have I insulted the 'queen of the universe'? I just said that she was a arabni who lived 1300 years ago and the schism between the Sunnis and Shias started because she wanted her 'cut' from the loot that Mohammed had taken from Jews and fellow Arabs.

For this to be an insult you would need to prove that-;

1. That Mohammed did not rob and loot during his career.

2. That Fatimah did not want any part of that loot

3. That Fatimah is in fact the 'queen of the universe' and was created even before the world was created.

Over to you my friend and please feel free to use any 'research' that the 'great' scholar of Sikhism Mr Javanmard has done to back up your views.

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The Prophet said about him and his family:" We are not Arabs".

I am surprised that based on that dubious saying you haven't woven another fantastical theory about Mohammed being an Iranian. Come on there's still time and I am sure the ever gullible Iranians will lap it all up!

I won't say anymore on this subject as I think I shouldn't discuss the status of Fatimah (as) with people whose fate in the next world is already decided.


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Obviously not Indian either...

Well he sure as hell wasn't portuguese. Makes me wonder why ethnicity is so important if islam is meant to be for all people. Unless of course islam has its own version of racial superiority inherent in its social structure across the middle east. It would explain the link between the mufti and the fuhrer.

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Besides, IMO mainstream Islam at this point in historical time isn't so much a religion, as it it is a fascist political ideology of Arab imperialism. I believe that this strand of religious Islam as political Islam has existed since the beginning of the religion, but it seems much more obvious now to many.

I think Islam is Arab imperialism as well however its direct linkage is with Communism not Nazism. Both work by forcing ideology onto people and share an antagonism to other religions/cultures. Commonalities include men of prophet-like status (Mohammad, Marx, Lenin, Mao) who are revered after death like saints, loyal global communities (Ummah and Comintern), and sacred books that act as substitutes for independent thought (Quran, Communist Manifesto and Mao’s little Red Book). Further parallels include the USSR's resemblance to a caliphate, the Iranian leaders calls for world revolution which are similar to Communist rhetoric, the Maoist destruction of Tibetan language and Buddhist shrines which is akin to the Muslim invaders destroying Hindu and Jain mandirs in ancient India, and the Chinese persecution of the Falun Gong which is driven by fear of rival ideologies and is identical in nature to the Mughal hostility towards the Sikh gurus.

The father of Nazism was Britishism. Germans were driven by admiration and envy of the British Empire. Also they were influenced by Max Mueller's Aryan Invasion Theory, which was cooked up to divide South Indians and North Indians and to justify British rule, and English gentlemen like Houston Stewart Chamberlain who was a racist Teutonic supremacist who was received well by Germany's conservative elite and was patronised and honoured by Kaiser Wilhelm II. His book was carried in German libraries and included in the school curricula. Even Hitler's hair, moustache and clothing were similar to British officers of that era. Compare his picture on the cover of Mein Kampf to General Dyer.

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