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Mr §ingh

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oh ok... here is the audio download link


only problem is anand sahib ji incomplete on that site but you can download anand sahib ji from: http://allaboutsikhs.com/prayers/audio.htm


thank you..

thank you

shurkriya veer ji tvada boht boht :D

one question though-..

how come Jaaap Sahib which is much longer than Jaap Jee Sahib isn't much biger (file size) :? evne though its mp3 :?

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i have a continuous recitation of the panj baniya in mp3 if u want it :)

its a massive file - so i hope u have broadband :P

:twisted: BRING IT ON :twisted:

I'm sitting under 100 M/bitSec

either than that

yes I go tbraodband

(I*m working at Ericsson..I'll jus burn a cd ;) )


define massive plzz.zz..... :roll: ..coz it gotta fit on a cd ..will it do that?

*mp3 format *?

Ohh btw

I added u :roll:

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