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35 Sikhs 5 Muslims a indian bargain !!

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

As you will see from the date of the BBC report below it is coming up to one year since the Indian state admitted that the five 'Pakistani terrorists'

that they claimed were responsible for the execution of 35 Sikh men on the eve of Bill Clintons visit to India were infact innocent Muslim villager's.

As you read the article below you will see that DNA samples handled by

government agencies had been tampered with. Again this is reluctantly

admitted by the state and not simply my or anybody else's opinion.

Clearly the killing of these innocents was the first step in covering the

complicity of the indian security forces in the Sikh killing's, the

subsequent tampering of the evidence was an attempt to hide the true

identity of the so called 'terrorists' that india claimed were Pakistani

agent's but who we know now were simply local Muslim youth's.

The indian security forces did go to great lengths to burn and disfigure the

bodies after murdering them so as to make identification impossible,

miraculously although the bodies were charred beyond recognition the plastic Pakistani identity cards they were supposedly carrying were intact !

The evidence is clearly here that the government is still involved in a

rather poor cover up, poor because it doesn't really cover up anything. At

the time of the murders many savvy commentators were already questioning as to who the beneficiary of such an action would be.

The leader of the world's superpower is visiting india that very evening to

discuss amongst other thing's Kashmir. Bear in mind that no Sikh has been

attacked to date in the long violent struggle within Kashmir, Pakistan

decides to hand india the ammunition it needs to convince the US that

Pakistan is a supporter of terrorism by massacring 35 Sikhs and the charade continues as the indian army round up the Pakistani killers, kill and then burn them.

Result, india is vindicated as a victim enduring ongoing provocation from

blood thirsty diabolical Muslim terrorist group's that are covertly

sponsored by Pakistan. That's one way to get Bill on your side and what's

the cost? Well... 35 Sikhs and 5 Muslims, a bargain by indian standards.

The reason I am posting this now is two fold, firstly because it's going to

be a year since this information came into the public domain, predictably

india is sat on its hand's, perhaps remembering that they managed to white wash the Delhi pogroms successfully by delaying report after report and court trial after court trial and waiting for the Sikhs to forget. You

cannot blame them for thinking we will forget Chitisingpora in time as well.

And secondly because the recent anniversary of the criminal bluestar and

it's massacres revealed to me a certain section within the Sikh community

that feel that what happened in 1984 is history we should neither discuss

nor remember but conveniently forget, I admit I understand the sentiment but it is borne out of ignorance. 1984 did not just 'occur' it was not a

coincidental event, the catalyst's for that period can be traced back

several decades to the time of 'independence'. Equally the events of that

period (84) did not end on the 31st December 1984 nor did they end ten

year's ago or last night for that matter, remember Amnesty's latest report

into the Panjab and S. Kutha's acquittal were announced only this year.

We are not talking about the past but the here and now, Chittisingpora and other massacres will continue to plague us until we can find the courage to realise our position within the indian state and thus the world order. In many way's burying your head in the sand can be a quite attractive option but bluestar, woodrose, black thunder etc. are the price you pay.

If we are not careful we will get a reputation for being a forgetful people

and so we will continue to suffer. I am sure that the likes of Sajjan Kutha,

HKL Faghat and Jagdish Titler cannot believe they are still breathing

although I am equally sure they never thought they would spend a night behind bar's, well not in the worlds largest hypocrisy anyway.

By the same token there are people there in Delhi who know who removed those turbans, who tied those Chitisingpora villagers hands behind their backs, who lined them up in front of a wall with their families and who shot them dead and you know something else? They like S. Kutha and co. have nothing to worry about because you see the Sikhs, well they have become a forgetful lot.

The question is are they right?

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

Tuesday, 16 July, 2002, 13:54 GMT 14:54 UK BBC WORLD SOUTH ASIA

The killings of the men led to massive protests

Five men killed by the Indian security forces in Kashmir two years ago were

innocent civilians and not foreign militants, the state authorities say.

The security forces said after killing the men that they were foreign

militants from a Pakistani-backed group who had carried out a massacre of 35


The Sikh massacre left 35 people dead

But Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah told the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly

that DNA tests on the remains of the men proved that they were local

residents of Anantnag district in Indian-administered Kashmir as claimed by

their relatives.

Their families had insisted all along that they had been killed in a fake

encounter after being arrested by the security forces.

Probe ordered

Farooq Abdullah said he would be asking India's Central Bureau of

Investigation (CBI) to look into the killing of the men.

He said he also wanted them to conduct a probe into local officials

responsible for DNA samples that were sent for analysis to laboratories

elsewhere in India.

The samples were only taken after huge protest demonstrations in Kashmir

forced the authorities to exhume the bodies of the men in order to establish

their identity.

It subsequently turned out that the samples had been tampered with and fresh

DNA had to be collected in April this year.

The massacre of the 35 Sikhs was one of the worst acts of violence against

civilians in Kashmir during the history of the insurgency against Indian


It occurred on the eve of a high-profile visit to India by the then US

president, Bill Clinton.

The security forces blamed it on the Pakistan-backed Lashkar-e-Toiba

militant group.

Human rights activists and Kashmiri groups have long accused the security

forces of staging fake encounters, in which innocent civilians are killed.

The army always says it looks into such allegations.

Militant groups in Kashmir are fighting to end Indian rule in the territory

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