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VahigurooJeeKaKhalsa VahigurooJeeKee Fateh!

Khalsa Jeeo,

When you get time please check-out my website: http://www.atmaimages.com

I'm a professional Photographer and Filmmaker based in the UK - with an interesting twist...I'm perhaps the only one out there who will only cover those Anand Kaarajs involving Amritdharee couples.

There are many reasons for this but what this means for you is that you'll get a highly specialised service which focuses completely around the spiritual significance of your Anand Kaaraj. Because I'm a Gursikh, I know what this day means to you - rest assured, you'll get the kind of photographs that others simply won't even think of capturing - this is why some Gursikhs fly me over to countries such as India and Canada to cover their special day. Check-out the Weddings section of my site to see what I mean.

I also offer Portraits (individuals, families etc.), cover certain types of Events and Commercial Assignments nationwide. So not only do I love to work with Gursikhs but also Gursikh business-people.

Naturally, 10% of all profits go to charity. I also offer my skills to organisations such as Khalsa Camp and am actively involved in other Panthic projects. 

There's so much more to say but to keep this short I would say please visit the site. Feel free to leave some feedback in this thread or via the site.

As well as marketing my services, the other reason I have started this thread is to share some of my Gursikhee-related photography and filmmaking. I hope this inspires the world-wide Sangat.


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I have seen your website and work. It's simply mind blowing. You are truly artist/photographer veer ji. I hope maharaj keep showering his kirpa on your efforts. I was just wondering if its not much of hassle may be you can help us with graphic designing the banner of this website as we are actively looking for graphic designers.

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Veer Jee,

Thanks for the very kind comments.

Sadly Veer Jee, I get pulled in so many directions with Seva Projects (in a good way!) that I barely have time to spend with my two kids so I am really being strict at the moment re: not taking any more on. I hope you understand Khalsa jee.

( ( ( :-)>>>

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