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Video: Purpose And Content Of Krishna Avtar


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posted Today, 04:27 PM

View PostPanthic Updates, on 28 September 2009 - 02:38 PM, said:

ref: http://patshahi10.or...ures&Itemid=108

A great and timely video. Well done lamba ji. You are doing an excellent work to expose the enemies of Guru gobind singh sahib who are traitors among sikhs.

It is gathered that heretics of kala afghana, missioanry and Darshan Ragi gang led by notorious foulmouthed Gurcharan jeonwala had come to Gurudwara in Rouchester, New york on Sept. 16, 2009. Earlier darshan ragi had been to that place twice to spread his balsphemy.

This was second visit of Gurcharan jeonwala also.

Sangat of this gurdwara had found loopholes in the blasphemy of these people. They were ready to confront this Gurnindak this time.

He was carrying a Hindu Granth also to mislead ignorants that Dasam granth is a copy of this hindu granth.

The following is a brief detail of what questions and answer seesion took place there.

1) Sangat asked jeonwala that three banis of Nitnem are from dasam granth sahib. Does he accord recognition to those as Sikh rehat maryada recognises that. He tried to fool around by saying that SGGS ji is complete and then why we need banis from Dasam granth. he was asked not to beat about the bush and reply in yes or no as Sikh rehat maryada recognises that. he said that he does not recognise these three banis. Sangat asked then why does he come here? We do not recognise you as a sikh.

2) AS jeonwala said that Dasam granth is a copy of Hindu granth and he was showing this to sangat. President asked him to show where is Benti Chaupoai sahib in that Hindu Granth. He could not reply to that and then he started floundering.

3) Then he was asked to show ardas in this Hindu Granth. he failed to answer to that also.

4) He was told that charitropakhayn is written in third person style in which a minister tells stories to his king. Then why he is attaching charitras 21,22 and 23 to a real happening in Guru gobind singh's life. He replied that there is name of anandpur in that charitra. he was told likewise they could show him 50 other towns having the name Anandpur. he had no answewr to this. This exposed his lack of understanding the charitropakhyan in totality.

3) He was asked if he was asked by akal takhat to recognise nitnem banis from Dasam granth, will he abide by that. he said he would not. Sangat asked then why he was wasting their time by coming to Gurudwara time and again. He should spare them of this blasphemy.

This is what happens when sangat is briefed about the motives of these thugs who are enemies of kahlas panth.

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