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She Was The Ticket To A Better Life


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She was the ticket to a better life

Before Amandeep Dhillon's short life ended in her murder, she was caught between a new family in the GTA she barely knew and one back in India


The sorrow of Amandeep


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bloody scum bags, hope the father gets beaten up daily and abused by men in the jail.

''But what a deal with the devil it would prove to be. Amandeep was used by both sides in this barbaric bargain, a sacrificial lamb who lived a life of misery in Mississauga'' so bloody wrong!!!! how can you give your daughter to someone like that, both are in the wrong.

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The girl's in-laws are criminals, that is a fact and they should get the worst possible punishment for what they did. But shame on the girl's own family who married off their daughter to these criminals just so they can get to Canada. The girl's family saw their daughter as an easy ticket to Canada. They paid so much dowry to their daughter's in-laws without even making a background check on the family or the boy. They didn't know anything about the boy's family or about the boy yet they married their daughter off to them. When the girl's family came to Canada, they collected tens of thousands of dollars in donation. Strange how the parents along with their younger daughter came to their daughters funeral in Canada, yet they didn't even bring their dead daughter's son from India so the baby can attend his mother's funeral.

It seems everyone used this poor girl for their own benefit. The evil in laws profited from her from the huge dowry they received during the marriage. The girl's family gave her off to complete strangers because they saw this as an easy ticket to Canada while also collected tens of thousands of dollars in donations in Canada when they arrived at their daughters funeral.

It seems to me that the Punjabi people of Canada instead of giving money to the girl's parents should have set up a trust fund naming dead girl's son as the beneficiary because he is the one who lost everything.

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