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Dogar - Surinder Shinda


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Anyone have the original?

What you think of it? You need some bass to hear it properly.

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Come on grandpa. Get with it! lol

what next... hip hop music with Dhadi vaaran!

Hang on. Isn't that Tigerstyle's thing?

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Nothing wrong with modern instruments. Some of most beautiful kirtan I've ever heard has been done with a keyboard.

Like it or not, the only way many young people relate or connect to their roots is through modern music like Tigerstyle etc.

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Matheen Ji, the limited capacity of 'modern' - which are in fact 'backward' instruments, in kirtan has been discussed in detail in the Gurmat Sangeet thread.

Re Hip Hop trash culture and Sikh Geet, I have and entitled to my opinion, as everybody else is their.

In my learning - Gurus Darbar was a royal court - with high level arts - be them folk. Tigerstyle etcetera do not reflect my Gurus court. And for your information, many youngsters are coming into Sikhi via the 'Royal' arts, it was just a matter of making the education available, which is now being done by many groups worldwide.

Just for info, my problem with 2nd class geetan, is that they are initially introduced as 'much needed' to save the Panth, but very rapidly take over and replace Gurus own rvaaj - as was clearly demonstrated with Bollywood kirtan (still prevalent today) and the near extinction of Gurus Kirtan Maryada.

Dhadi Vaaran are in a similar dilemna today, with many neophyte Sikhs challenging their origins (even though absolutely clear historical evidence exits) and many saying 'we don't understand it, blah blah'.

I will advocate Dhadi Raagan, and will do so by showing the fallability of hip hop mish mash - basically serving our ithihaas in a jhoota panda. Tigerstyle are (or have been heavily involved in trash Sikh corrupting nightclub culture, and have even appeared (cameo or whatever) in gandh music videos, they are not good role models in my opinion, and sevadaar (anyone involved in Sikh seva) needs to be.

Anyhow, thats my take and objective, you are all entitled to yours.


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Like the vaaja (used in ALL gurdwaray), is some puratan instrument. Wake up. It's just a western harmonium turned on its side!

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If you don't me asking. Are you a classical music man? By this I mean Beethoven, Mozart etc.

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I used to listen to quite a lot of western classical when I was at Uni, helped inspire me when revising.

I appreciate any intelligent, traditional and meaningful music - be it Chinese Classical or English Folk.

Can you play any instruments?

What is English folk by the way? I've always thought of it as either Chas an' Dave or the type of stuff they do Morris dancing too?

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I am student of Indian Music, so yes, I am learning to play some saaj.

When I went through a short English Folk 'phase', I really liked Seth Lakemans music and whole image. He has preserved many folk songs from the South West, some of which are very old... in true folk tradition, some songs relate to more recent events, many of his songs have very deep and meaningful lyrics - rooted in myth and history, mostly based around the moors and shores of the South West, which are strong in Folk traditions.

He is very talented and has stayed very true to his traditions in many ways. Many copycat folk pretenders have used his styles to make it big in the mainstream.


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