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Classic - Ak47 Wale By Tigerstyle


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I know Shaheediyan wont like this!

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Just so you know. I'm all for preserving classical instruments and listening to kirtan with them but that being said, some of the more modern interpretations sound good also. I mean I love Snatam Kaur's stuff for instance.

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I guess it all boils down to what you're into. Obviously dharmik geet is best done in the dhadhi tradition.

However, these modern interpretations do a good job of raising awareness and spreading the message - which is what it comes down to anyway.

Just aslong as it doesn't degrade into something overtly cheap and trashy it's fine with me.

Btw, I know there are a lot of hip-hop haters around, but if you go beyond the materialistic crap thats at the forefront of the genre, there is A LOT of conscious stuff out there. That's the real hip-hop.

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