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Speakers arent working


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well, my speakers arnt working for some reason. i was playin a few shabads in the morning (preety loud), and now the sound dat comes outa it is messed up. i can hear it, but its cracks alot and stuff.

does anyone know wat happened? did i bust it up? :shock:

the speakers i have are Altec Lancing.

anyways, thanks for the help.


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check u didnt pull any wires u mite av pulled it out of the line out socket :roll: just 2 check get some headphones or sumink and put it in n check..if the headphones work then it must be ur speakers but if they dont then probably u done sumink else wiv it :roll: hope that helped :? :D

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uve probbaly popped the cone of the speakers - the bass of the tabla was too much to handle :P :wink:

2 ways u can check, put a pair of headfones in the back of the pc where the speaker wire goes, if its clear then ur speakers are most likely popped... if its still crackly then its more of a hardware fault, the audio cable inside of the pc which attaches to the cd rom drive is probably gone loose...


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