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India'S 'Holiday Brides'.

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I know a couple of guys who were pressurised into a marriage back home. Normally it goes like this. The guy agrees to go back home for some 'window shopping', the family finds a girl they 'pasand', then they continue to exert pressure on the guy until he breaks down and agrees to the wedding.

The other point about people being so desperate to marry someone here that they will ignore age, beauty and whatnot is also true.

This phenomena has villains on both sides.

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First it was Canadian men who were well known in India for doing this crime and now it is the UK men. But the other side of the story also needs to be told of how thousands of Indian girls coming to Canada have abandoned/ran away from their Canadian husbands only to sponsor her boy friends back in India. Kalyugi people do these types of crimes.

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