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Why Is It That 95% of the girlz want non-turbanned sikhs?

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i dont think that is the question...

have u ever seen a tru sikh girl (ie one who does not remove hair) who has asked for a non turbanned sikh? probably never.

would u really want to marry someone who removed their hair anyway?

its not that sikh girls dnt want turbanned sikhs, its just that there are no sikh girls who follow sikhi any more, or very few.

i would say that out of all "sikh" girls, 10% are kesadhari. that means that of the over all population of sikh women (im guessing about 9 or 10 million) that means around 1 million singhnees worldwide..... :(

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just because u see all the part time sikh kuriya about doesnt mean that there are no singhniya out there - thats absurd... trust there are plentyyyyy - its just that they dont walk the streets always shoppin n on the pull in town

i always used to think that theres so little youth into sikhi a few yrs back, but i was very wrong... dont jus guess statistics :P

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

i dont go to wolves much, maybe kaur1699 can tell u - or anyone else from wolves :D

Here we do have enough Gursikh families and just as many people who are not into Sikhi all that much...

Why people always worrying about girls not wanting to marry guys with kes?? The thing is, as the saying goes 'marriages are set in heaven and celebrated on earth', thus its already been determined who your going to marry and it will happen when the time is rite... Its all about Sanjog, so don't worry...

If someone don't want to marry you because you keep your kes, then do you want to marry that person anyway??

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relax guys....loadsa gals i no lyk boyz wid dataaraa...and y dus it matta wot u look lyk...y would u wanna a gal dat lyks u 4 ur outer shell rather than ur inner self. i'm a singhni and i'm m8s wid aaaall......monee, datsaara wale bande....every1 else....neways....u shouldnt b lookin 4 gals...i swear u aint ment 2..

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It's funny cuz I don't see any Singhs around where I am...(there r a couple, but they're going out with some chicks....)...but hey...I know that somewhere out there, my Singh Ji is waiting for me...and the better they are, the longer one must wait...

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pritnam man, it's not that i want a supermodel or anything, but i was just checking out the sikhmatrimonials site on sikhnet, and to be honest with you....9 out 10 girls on one of the page wanted sikhs without turbans.....that's crazy man...that's like a muslims girl wanting a muslim man that eats pork..... :?

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Mate...chill down...those chicks rn't even worth ur time then...don't worry...God's got a plan for everyone...and like I said, ur prolly gonna get urself a soni/snukhi kurri that'll be wit u forever....the longer u wait, the better she'll be....God's testin u and u have to pass....

(patience is a virtue they say...:wink:)

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