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Check these videos out !!!

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that sikhstudent camp looks ok but i think im gonna apply to go to the khalsa camp this yr :D

those 2 singhs were pretty funny in that video

"u go soho road?".... "no no too many indians there" :LOL:

not too sure about the prodigy music either :twisted: :P

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Vahegurooooooo!! :cry: :cry:

i can't go to the Khalsa camp, the scottish hols end earlier!!!!!

anyone who can go, u are sooooo lucky!

i've heard there are gonna be 2 or 3 coaches going from Bradford and half the kids there aren't even of age!!!

:cry: :roll: :evil:

ah well, i only have to wait till i'm at uni. which is gonna be in 5 yrs. :bling:



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lolz.......... na man - u lot come out wid sum next level lingo that i dont think noone understands... except 4 u londoners........!!!!!!!!!!

Joke ji.... but u know i meant it.....

Muwuwuwuwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa :wink:

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its probably the clearner air up there in the hills. :D

Wolves, Telford sides are well nice in regards to scenery.

Oh yea.... im gona get my mum to put some ragga mirch in the sabji so ur mouth catches fire. :D:LOL:

only kiddin!! i couldnt do that. 8)

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