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Indians No Longer Allowed In India


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LOL It is just a publicity stunt.They are already planning to open 30-40 outlets so how could they will not allow Indians



“No one was turned away because of nationality,” insisted Arindam Haldar, director, Haagen-Dazs. “I was present on all days. If people were refused entry momentarily, it was only due to overcrowding as there was a rush.” Obviously, Haagen-Dazs is here to tap the Indian market, not keep it out, but the words of the teaser campaign left the company vulnerable to the charge of apartheid. And it was compounded by the very poor choice of words by TBWA, the agency that did the teaser campaign.

Upon sustained queries to company officials about the intention of the campaign, it emerged that what Haagen-Dazs really wanted to convey was ‘Now get a taste of abroad right here in India’. But by preferring several long words — that are liable to be misinterpreted — instead of short, clear ones, they ended up generating a lot of heat: something that ice-cream brands, in particular, should steer clear of, if they don’t want their market to melt away, thanks to offended sensibilities. Especially, since it plans to open 30 to 40 outlets in the next few years.


They already got what they wanted Now Hundreds of Indians will visit this place just to show that they access it.A very good publicity stunt but a cheap one

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