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Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?

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Amazing stuff sat veer, how long you have been dong abhyas? couple of years now? ...i know it takes times to go through stages.

i must admit you have inspired me to get back on shabad surat marg fully from your last of couple post sharing your expereinces..please do ardas for me in this path ..vahiguroo :D

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The Gurdwara commities don't tell us, because if we found out the truth, we would hold them and the babey accountable. THE SHOW MUST GO ON and what a show it is.

Wait till you recieve your "jalak", "peep" at you know who, it will be faster than a millisecond pulsar, so fast you will be begging for the door to open wider.

I'm lost. Could you explain?

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Was just reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and came across the following lines by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which just blew me away. It's very high avasta of which he explains, but we must aim for it....

Ang 351

The Name has no form or outline; it vibrates with the unstruck Sound Current; through the Word of the Shabad, the Immaculate Lord is revealed. ||1||

tis roop na raykh anaahad vaajai sabad niranjan kee-aa. ||1||

One can speak on this only when he knows it.

karay vakhi-aan jaanai jay ko-ee.

He alone drinks in the Ambrosial Nectar. ||1||Pause||

amrit peevai so-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Those who drink it in are enraptured; their bonds and shackles are cut away.

jinH pee-aa say masat bha-ay hai tootay banDhan faahay.

When one`s light blends into the Divine Light, then the desire for Maya is ended. ||2||

jotee jot samaanee bheetar taa chhoday maa-i-aa kay laahay. ||2||

Among all lights, I behold Your Form; all the worlds are Your Maya.

sarab jot roop tayraa daykhi-aa sagal bhavan tayree maa-i-aa

Among the tumults and forms, He sits in serene detachment; He bestows His Glance of Grace upon those who are engrossed in the illusion. ||3|| raarai roop niraalam baithaa nadar karay vich chhaa-i-aa. ||3

The Yogi who plays on the instrument of the Shabad gains the Blessed Vision of the Infinitely Beautiful Lord.

beenaa sabad vajaavai jogee darsan roop apaaraa

He, the Lord, is immersed in the Unstruck Shabad of the Word, says Nanak, the humble and meek. ||4||8||

sabad anaahad so saho raataa naanak kahai vichaaraa. ||4||8||

The divine crystalline harmonies, their consorts, and their celestial families raag ratan paree-aa parvaar.

- from them, the essence of Ambrosial Nectar is produced.

tis vich upjai amrit saar

O Nanak, this is the wealth and property of the Creator Lord.

naanak kartay kaa ih Dhan maal

If only this essential reality were understood! ||4||9||

jay ko boojhai ayhu beechaar. ||4||9||

The true ladder is the True name from Waheguru's mouth. (i.e. Listening to the anhad shabad and following it...)

sach pa-orhee saacha-o mukh naaN-o.

Ang 352

The Vedas continually speak of the three branches.

saakhaa teen kahai nit bayd.

One who merges/absorbs into the Naad,

naad bind kee surat samaa-ay.

serves the True Guru and obtains the supreme status.

satgur sayv param pad paa-ay.

When my mind turned away from Maya, I came to dwell in my own home.

ulat bha-ee ghar ghar meh aani-aa. (1)

Serving the True Guru, they drink in the Amrit, the Ambrosial Nectar.

satgur sayv amrit ras chaakhay. ||3||

The unstable mind is restrained by tasting this Nectar.

chalta-o man raakhai amrit chaakhai

Serving the True Guru, one comes to cherish the Ambrosial Nectar of the Shabad.

satgur sayv amrit sabad bhaakhai

Through the True Word of the Shabad, the state of liberation is obtained.

saachai sabad mukat gat paa-ay.

O Nanak, self-conceit is eradicated from within. ||4||13||

naanak vichahu aap gavaa-ay. ||4||13||

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Waheguru! I can't say it's happening day and night yet but only occasionally.

Ang 360.

In the Lord`s City, he sits in his Yogic posture, and he forsakes his desires and conflicts.

siv nagree meh aasan baisa-o kalap ti-aagee baadaN

The sound of the horn ever rings out its beautiful melody, and day and night, he is filled with the sound current of the Naad. ||2||

sinyee sabad sadaa Dhun sohai ahinis poorai naadaN. ||2||

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If I close my eye's for an extended period of time a void begins to open up and I can see a kind of dark blue/purpleish background as opposed to pitch black. Not sure if that's just from light entering through the eye lids or its the colour of the agya charkra beginning to show itself.

Anyone else willing to share their experiences or this is going to be a one person thread?

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Very strange experience whilst doing simran yesterday. Felt something was spinning round and round inside. Actually made me feel quite dizzy and light headed.

Came across the following pangtis a week ago on Ang 404. I wonder...

God has created Maya of the three qualities; tell me, how can it be crossed over?

tarai gun maa-i-aa barahm kee keenHee kahhu kavan biDh taree-ai ray.

The whirlpool is awesome and unfathomable; only through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad is one carried across. ||2||

ghooman ghayr agaah gaakhree gur sabdee paar utree-ai ray. ||2||

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