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I Am Getting My Tonsils Out :( :(


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Yeah you guys heard it right, i m getting my tonsils out this Tuesday.. so i won't be able to moderate on Tuesday..if i come out of hospital with no other complications i be back on the forum on Wednesday. If i don't come out at all, will has been made for this website as who would be the next successor of sikhawareness? heheh :P

on a side note: what is it feel like getting your tonsils out?

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Lol, we'll try to avoid wrecking the forum whilst your gone (no promises though!).

As for the tonsils, everyone I know who has had it done said it was pretty straight forward on the NHS, but it did hurt bad for a few days after the operation. Dont know if they give pain meds in Canada.

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Well I had this operation 7 years back.For first few days keep Instant pain killers which dissolve in mouth

You will have some pain swallowing food.for first few days.Not Sure whether they are going to use stiches in your case because in my case they did not.I was able to speak even after 1 day of operation.If stiches are going to be used then I don't know what will happen

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HAHA Neo, im guessing you've never been under the knife before have you? Having tonsils out is really a minor thing, as for someone whos had many operations i would say, its always best to be positive. Or you could take the negative approach and act really ill, maybe you'll get a few extra days off work, and some sympathy lol

trust me tonsils are a walk in the park

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