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vaheguroo jee ka khalsa

vaheguroo jee kee fateh!

as im sure many ppl knw its tricky to know whats alright to eat and what isn't, could someone mak a guide as to what alright and what isn't? - muslims are wayyyyy ahead of us on this one!

might as well start here thoug...mayb thic culd b made a sticky? post wht isnt ok.....

mafee, daas knws the best thing relli is bibek, but till maharaj does kirpa!!


beta-carotene (colouring) - sometimes from fish, if the thing also says "suitable for veggies", you should b ok....

whey powder - sometimes from some part of a cow(?)



nestle - not sure, they did change to dodgy whey powder, dunn if they've gone back....bt cadburys is a safe option im told

ALSO....if something says its suitable 4 veggies - it may still contain egg!

bhul chuck maaf karna jeeo, pls add

rab rakha

vahegurooo jee ka khalsa

vaheguroo jee kee fateh!

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Why indulge in oreos and chocolate if your worried about keeping dietry bibek. Stick to daal sabzi and roti, simple foods and you wont have an issue with having to read E numbers.

Ive known of some "bibekis" get a packet of Quavers and then empty them into a sarbloh batta before eating them lol.

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lol at starburst, bt apparently they nt ok in usa..?

hanjee mahaa singh bhaji, with maharaj jees kirpa daas's bibek is increasing (one step at a time :D ), but daas didn't start this topic 4 daas's self, just that a lot of gursikhs end up havin to go pesh cos they've realised after something they ate wasn't ok, daas just thought it'd b good if there was sum sort of guide 2 help ppl on the path hunna, just an idea jeeo, maaf karna

is whey ok Matheen jeeo? - http://www.chocolateexpert.co.uk/vegetarian-and-vegan-chocolate.html

this looks good thou - http://www.vegsoc.org/info/stumbling.html

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