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Physical Progression


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we all know about spiritual awareness and progression. We know that the aim to to become one with Akal.

But what about physical awareness and progression? What are the aims for us to be physically?

ie are we to aspire to run 100 metres in under 10 secs?

are we to able to lift 1 quintel of atta?

to be able to wrestle good?

are we to be able to wave a sword round for 1 hour?

Sikhs in the olden days kept fit by shaster-vidya daily and fighting jangs. What should we be doing today?

your thoughts and if you dont mind, what exercise you do yoursleves, with dedication, and whether you do these exercises to please your Guru or your vanity.


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Good thread.

Physically one should be living a simple and healthy lifestyle as possible e.g. in terms of diet.

Physically one should be doing dasaa(n)/nauva(n) ki kirt and working hard a Singh should always keep busy, and not sit around idle, or relaxing/chilling as its called today.

Guru has given instruction to learn shastarvidya, a Singh should be physically fit and knowledgeable in the use of arms at the very least in terms of real open handed combat and knowing how to use his kirpan/kara.

One should attend classes to learn real fighting arts and also arrange to train with other Singhs a few times a week to practice/understand/experiment with what you are learning in class, alongside one should do solo practice this aids rapid progression. Going to class once a week isnt going to get you anywhere.

Doing seva of various kinds is also physically demanding and keeps one fit, so this is key also. The seva should suit your temperament/capability/experience.

It's up to us to create our own opportunities - so dont wait around for the right moment, do a heartfelt ardaas and dont be shy to make things happen!

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Bhagat ji has put his Health pothi online. I think the ideal lifestyle that i wish to live would incorporate many of those recommendations. Bhagat ji himself is well past retirement age, but freakishly strong. He made short work of my 6'3" 24 year old friend in wrestling, managing to lift him up with one arm!

Following a lifestyle like his is how purataan Singhs got strong.

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very wise words shaheediyan. i at the very old age of 35 would not be able to run halfway what Fauja Singh at the young age of 93 would. Do we have an obligation to learn shastervidya ? i think we do, upto a minimum point where we can use our ouwn kirpans to defend, and then anything after, what our lifestyle allows.

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Our emphasis as a soorbir shastardhari panth should be to get stronger, faster, gain endurance and to learn as much about shastar vidiya as we are able. I don't think that this should be something we do when we are not doing bhagti - the two go hand-in-hand for us.

Also, by shastar vidiya, I mean everything from learning H2H combat and the use of puratan shastars to more modern weapons and battle strategy. Our ancestors made use of the best and most functional weapons and arts of their day and were not afraid to change things or innovate when the circumstances demanded it. We should endeavour to do the same and not get stuck in the mindset of attempting to use 18th century shastars and think that is all we need.

your thoughts and if you dont mind, what exercise you do yoursleves, with dedication, and whether you do these exercises to please your Guru or your vanity.

I don't think that should have any impact on the kind of exercise you engage in. You can use a bodybuilders routine, if you want, to improve your body-image and your confidence, because confidence is also a useful skill on the battlefield (and also in the battlefield of everyday life) - as long as you make serious efforts to gain strength of mind and body also.

After a couple of nasty injuries, my workout routine is pretty lame so I'm not gonna post it up out of pure embarrassment. :P



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