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Gur Prasad

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It may seem like a trivial question, but in mool-mantar and in most of mahraj's bani in fact there are references to the importance of the guru, and of gurprasad.

Dhan guru nanak patsha in sidh gosht answers the sidhs question by saying the shabad is the guru. The shabad and the jot are one and are transcendent in all of the guru sahiban.

But can the reference made to the guru be taken literally, in respect to the sargun form . The question may seem ambiguous and unclear, apologies for that, it’s probably because its ambiguous in my own mind.

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Definition of Guru or Gurparsad changes as one's surti travels from asthol mandal (beginner) to sukhsham mandal ( intermediate utham jaigaso) to nirgun mandal ( ultimate bhramgyan). Gurbani supports meta reality, multiple meanings based on one's surti.

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